How To Get Personal Loan On Aadhar Card

Story Of The Third Fakir – Part 3


Story Of The Third Fakir – Part 3


How To Get Personal Loan On Aadhar Card


Story Of The Third Fakir – Part 3


The jeweler came out of the boat and some soldiers also came. The soldier removed the stone, opened the door and called his son inside. There is no sound from inside, he got worried and went inside, his daughter’s dead body was lying there and started crying loudly, he took out his son’s dead body and put it on his stomach on which I was sitting, He buried it in the soil below it and made it equal to the soil.

Now I am sitting on the same tree only. While leaving, they also took away the food items, so I had to eat the fruits of the trees early. During the day I was looking for a way to my kingdom and at night I would come and sit on the same tree. Almost slowly a 2 months had passed.

For some days, the water of the sea kept decreasing gradually and in some days the water of the sea decreased so much that sand had become sand all around. Now I thought that I should cross this sea and go to another island. I board. After walking some distance, I felt like an island, when I went near and saw there was a brass house, from which light was coming out due to sunlight. An old and old man turned out to be among them, who was accompanied by 10 youths. Kane asked me who are you and how did you come here?

After that he took me inside the house, inside which there were 10 blue rooms, between which the floor was spread. Those 10 soldiers went to the same 10 room and the old man sat in the hall. One of the soldiers said that you also lie down here, but we should react here in any way, do not ask the reason for it, otherwise you will have to pay the price for it.

We ate food there and after that drank wine and talked a lot. Get to know him and tell him about yourself. After that the soldiers applied the ashes on their faces and started crying and cursing the God. After that the old man gave water to everyone, so that they washed their faces and looked beautiful again.

The next morning when we went out for a walk, I asked them how did you behave like this last night? He flatly refused me that he cannot answer these questions. The same night we again sat down for dinner.

He said, you look very worried. That’s why I tell you the secret of my reason. But you are at risk in this. Your right eye may also explode. You give up I said I accept it you tell me.

He said if this happens you will not get to stay here. There is no scope for 11 people to stay here. I said that you also agree with me. You tell me the reason for this. I want to know how did all this happen?

One of those young soldiers said, I will sew you in the skin of a sheep. Here comes a bird, which will pick you up mistaking you for a buffalo and keep you on a high mountain and attack it to eat you. You’re already being shocked. As soon as you feel yourself on the ground, you leave the skin and come out and shout loudly so that it will run away in fear.

There you will find a palace and there will be a lot of gold and silver in it. Till now we know that if you go ahead then you will complete this book. Beyond this we cannot say anything. When those people finished talking, I covered myself with sheep’s skin and people stitched it and the bird came and took me to a mountain.

When I reached the third mountain, I saw that it was more than what people had told. As soon as I opened the door, I saw some women. Asked those women who are you? He replied that I am your wife and she is your slave. Where we are all present for your love.

She came out and someone started pressing my feet. Someone started washing my feet with hot water. Someone started cooking delicious dishes. Some started cleaning the bed and some started pressing my head. I was very happy to see such happiness and I ate food with them and talked a lot. Slowly it became night, in the night time very nice and attractive lights were burning there. I was getting more and more happy.

Slowly after the meal all those women started singing and some started dancing. After that one of them said that Maharaj you have come from far away. you relax Your bedroom is all set. You can pick and choose any one of us and enjoy.

I hesitated to make a choice that I told them that you guys would mind if I take one. He said no such thing today or tomorrow we all have to sleep with you. I have to talk only with you. That’s why I don’t mind.

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