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Story Of The Third Fakir – Part 2


Story Of The Third Fakir – Part 2


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Story Of The Third Fakir – Part 2


X Letter Words Images – Only then I saw that a ship is coming, I thought why not give a voice? But don’t be careful enemy. I was silently watching the people, what do those people do? It was monitoring everything.

After some time, that ship stopped on the shore and some people got down from it. A child and an old man also came. They had brought some digging material with them. He came to the place and started digging and found a door. After opening it, he went inside and came back after some time and went to his ship, but this time when he came back, he did not have the child with him who appeared while leaving.

I was surprised. After some time after the departure of the ship, got up from it and went to that place. where people dig When I myself came and saw the place, there was a door. When that door was opened, there were stairs below. When I went down with the help of the stairs, I saw that a very big house had been built. Sofa carpets and potholes were scattered in it.

I slowly went ahead and saw that the child sitting above was very beautiful and next to him there were more bright lights all around and he was sitting and eating something. That boy got scared seeing me. While pacifying him, I have said that I am a prince but you also look no less than a prince. Which kingdom’s prince are you?

You tell me that those people buried you here, why so? Do you people have enmity with them or do you have why did they do this? I will get you out of here that boy trust me he called me near him and made him sit said I am the son of such a father.

My father is a jeweler. Many houses have been built by him in his country and abroad and he has a lot of money. Buy and sell your business abroad. He was poor even though he had a lot of money because he was childless and had no children. He had no children for many years, but one night he had such a dream that he was terrified.

The old man said to him in the night that after a few years a son will be born at your place but his age will be very short i.e. he will die at the age of 14. After a few years and a few days later, I took birth in my mother’s womb and became the reason for the happiness of my relatives and friends.

There was no happiness on my father’s face. My father just remembered the dream so he is scared. He took the help of many astrologers and great astrologers, according to the astrologers telling the dream, some things should match, so his fear was always there because the astrologer told that his age is very young. It will die after 14 years.

That’s why my father is very worried and he always thinks about me. That’s why I was locked here in the basement so that death could not touch me, that is, even if Yamraj came, he would not find me. That’s why I am confined in this place for 40 days.

I started laughing out loud and explained to that boy that don’t worry, I am present here as your protector. Death cannot touch you. No one can take you from here. It is just a coincidence that I am present here as your protector. I had a ship with me, which sank.

Thank God that after seeing all this, I expressed your desire to know about me and came here, after 40 days when your father will come to pick you up, I will also go with you and from there I will go to my kingdom.

Now I live with him. Started laughing, jumping, writing songs with him, reading and playing many such games. His father had given him many such things so that there was no dearth of food and drink. Days passed by. He and I became attracted to him. Now I didn’t think that I would be the cause of his death when I am the protector.

Slowly the days passed and 39 days had passed. Next morning whenever at the beginning of 40 days he told me sir see today is 40th day and we are safe and sound. Please make arrangements for me to wash my face and take a bath. I made arrangements for his bath. He sat down after taking a bath and said, I am very hungry, give me a watermelon.

Brought watermelon and sugar candy along with a little sugar candy. I asked him the tools to cut the watermelon. He said that it is kept above. I was about to take off that knife that I could not reach. So I climbed down that distance and while trying to get down slowly, my foot slipped and I fell on top of that jeweler’s son. I had a knife in my hand, that girl entered into that child’s stomach and that poor little boy died on the spot, I felt very sorry.

I cried for a long time near his son at the same place and kept imagining. Kept cursing myself because it all happened so suddenly. I kept praying to God and cursing God that you are watching all this. You are the reason for this. You know everything I did not do anything. All this happened unconsciously. If you know all such, then take my life right now and give the life of this child.

After some time I thought whose father must have come to take his address. I must leave here. I immediately came out and put mud on the gate and climbed a tree. I saw that his father brought that boat.

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