Best 5 Schools in Wichita


Best 5 Schools in Wichita

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Best 5 Schools in Wichita


Below is a list of the top and leading Schools in Wichita. To help you find the best Schools located near you in Wichita, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.


1. Classical School of Wichita

Classical School of Wichita is a K–12 private Christian school that employs the classical method of instruction. In today’s world, the classical approach provides an exceptional educational opportunity. Children learn how to learn, appreciate learning, think critically, and communicate their ideas in a clear and convincing manner through CSW. The salt and light of the 21st century will be students who become the most reputable opinion leaders, church, business, and organizational leaders, government authorities, and educators.

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LOCATION: Address: 6355 Willowbrook St, Wichita, KS 67218
Phone: (316) 773 9279

REVIEWS: “I can’t speak about the quality of education from this institution, but I can speak in a small part to the character of the students here. I witnessed an elderly woman spill her drink at B&C BBQ just now while attempting to set her full plate down on her table. A busload of kids from this school are here today enjoying a meal. A student that witnessed the drinking spilling jumped up with a fistful of napkins, along with several other napkins that were offered by other students on his way to her table. He helped clean up the mess without being prompted. Kudos for helping educate kids with character.” – Justin Shore

2. Riverside Elementary School

Riverside Elementary School has been a magnet school for leadership since 2008. They have made several changes as Riverside’s Leadership Magnet topic has developed in order to enable them to concentrate on teaching their kids timeless and universal leadership principles. The resources “The Seven Habits of Happy Kids” and “Second Step” will be used to support our kids as they acquire personal leadership and develop their capacity to lead in their own lives and positively influence people around them.

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LOCATION: Address: 1001 N Porter Ave, Wichita, KS 67203
Phone: (316) 973 4050

REVIEWS: “This was by far some of the greatest years of my life. I went all 6 years here. Not as great now, all of my old teachers retired but the new teachers are amazing.” – Zoey Uhrig

3. Mc Collom Elementary School

Mc Collom Elementary School opened its doors to students on February 1, 1960, as the fourth elementary school of School District 69. An additional elementary school was required due to the district’s rapid rise in student enrollment, which included Peterson, Mary Benton, and Pearl Kensler schools. The structure was designed by the Hibbs and Pettit architectural firm. In the early years, McCollom benefited from a pastoral environment of open wheat fields and native grassland with a variety of small animals and birds. The eight-acre property in the north Westlink area was situated on the edge of the existing housing development.

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LOCATION: Address: 1201 N Waddington Ave, Wichita, KS 67212
Phone: (316) 973 0350

REVIEWS: “Best school I could ever ask for my children!!!” – Brandy

4. Adams Elementary School

Adams Elementary School provides all-day kindergarten, pre- and post-kindergarten, a latchkey program for children before and after school, Bigs in Schools through Big Brothers and Sisters, and tutoring collaborations with different local churches. They all share responsibility for educating students at Adams Elementary through explicit, research-based, and data-driven education. They combine technology, economics, entrepreneurship, and critical thinking abilities to give all students the skills they need to succeed in an increasingly globalized society.

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LOCATION: Address: 1002 N Oliver Ave, Wichita, KS 67208
Phone: (316) 973 2650

REVIEWS: “My daughter went here. She loved the staff and so did I. They were always right there when we needed them.” – Leslie Lisa Johnston

5. Cleaveland Traditional Magnet Elementary School

Cleaveland Traditional Magnet Elementary School was started as a completely movable structure in September 1956. At Cleaveland, there were sixty-two children enrolled, and the principal, William H. Morgan, oversaw a staff of four teachers. The number of pupils had increased to around 300 by 1960. It is obvious that the student body desired a more reliable organization. A more permanent structure was created by the architects Schaefer, Shirmer, and Eflin. In September 1962, the newly constructed school was prepared for use. Later in 1976, as planned by Oblinger-Smith Corporation, additional classrooms, a multipurpose room, a reading laboratory, a kitchen, an equipment storage room, and two restrooms were constructed. In 1994, a chiller air conditioner was installed. In 2010, a new addition to Cleaveland has added thanks to the bond issue.

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LOCATION: Address: 3345 W 33rd St S, Wichita, KS 67217
Phone: (316) 973 8750

REVIEWS: “Wonderful Teachers, Principal, and Staff. Couldn’t have asked for a better school for my children. They make a point to know each and every student and help them strive for their best. Amazing job keep it up !!!” – Heather Brooks


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