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Best 4 Bedtime Stories For Kids 2022


Bedtime Stories For Kids

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Bedtime Stories For Kids


Bedtime Stories For Kids


Story – Jackal Cleverness

There lived a lion in a forest. Once he wandered here and there for the whole day, but could not find any animal for food.

Exhausted, he came and sat inside a cave and started thinking that some animal would definitely come in the night. By killing him today, I will satisfy my hunger.

That cave was of a jackal. At night the jackal returned to his cave. The jackal was very smart. Going inside the cave, he saw the footprints of the lion and guessed that the lion had gone inside,

But the inside has not come out. He understood that a lion was hiding in his cave.

The jackal immediately thought of a solution. He did not go inside the cave. He called from outside – ‘O my cave, why are you silent? Why don’t you speak today?

Whenever I come from outside, you call me. Why don’t you speak today?

Today it is silent because of my fear. That’s why today I call him inside by giving voice. Thinking so, the lion made a sound from inside and said – ‘Come friend, come inside.’

On hearing the voice, the jackal understood that the lion was sitting inside. He immediately ran away from there. And thus the jackal with his cleverness saved his life.


Story – Sparrow And The Monkey

A pair of birds lived on the branches of a dense tree in a forest. They both lived happily in their nest.

It was the winter season. A cold wind started blowing and along with it started drizzling. At that time a monkey, shivering from the icy wind and rain, sat on the branch of that tree.

His teeth were cracking because of the winter. Seeing him, the bird said, “Oh! Who are you? Your face is like a man’s face, you have hands and feet too.

Still, you are sitting here, why don’t you live by building a house? The monkey said – “Oh! Aren’t you silent? You do your work Why do you ridicule me?”

Still, the bird kept saying something. He became enraged and in a fit of rage, he destroyed the bird’s nest in which the birds lived happily.

Lesson: Not everyone should preach. The education given to the wise has the result, the education given to the fool sometimes turns out to be the opposite. ( WhatsApp DP Images )


Story – Two Goats And Jackal

One day a jackal was passing through a village. He saw a crowd of people near the village market.

He could not stay with him and he went to the crowd to see what was happening there. The jackal saw that two goats were fighting with each other.

Both the goats were very strong, so there was a fierce fight between them. Everyone was shouting loudly and clapping.

Both the goats were badly bled and there was blood on the road too.
When the jackal saw so much fresh blood, he could not stop himself. He just wanted to taste the fresh blood and clean his hands on the goats.

The jackal didn’t look at it and broke down on the goats. But both the goats were very strong. He thrashed the jackal fiercely, due to which the jackal piled up there.

Lesson: Don’t take any unnecessary steps motivated by greed and think carefully before taking any step.

Story – Two-Headed Bird

A strange bird named Bharanda lived in a pond. It had two faces, but only one stomach.

One day while walking along the sea, he found a very sweet fruit, which was thrown on the shore by the waves of the sea.

While eating it, a mouth said – “Oh, how sweet is this fruit! Till today I have eaten many fruits, but none was so tasty.

Don’t know which nectar vine has this fruit. The other face was missing from him. When he could not stop listening to the praise of the fruit from the second mouth, then he said from the first mouth – “Give me a little taste too. ,

The first face laughed and said – “What do you have to do? Our stomach is only one, it has already gone into it. Satisfaction is already done.

After saying this he gave the remaining fruit to his girlfriend.
His girlfriend was very happy after eating it.

The other face became detached from that day and started thinking of ways to avenge this insult.

Eventually, one day he got a solution. He brought poison from somewhere. Showing the first face he said, “Look! I have got this bad luck. I started eating it. ,

The first mouth stopped and urged – “Fool! don’t do that
If we eat it, we will both die. ,

The second mouth, in spite of the first mouth’s refusal, ate the poison to avenge his humiliation. The result was that the bird with both faces got stuck there.

It has been rightly said that there are some things in the world that should not be done alone. One should not eat delicious food alone, it is not good to wake up alone among sleepers, and it is dangerous to walk the road alone; One should not think about complex subjects alone.

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Lesson: Work together.


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