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Best 5 Bedtime Stories For Kids 2022


Best 5 Bedtime Stories For Kids

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Best 5 Bedtime Stories For Kids


Best 5 Bedtime Stories For Kids


Story – A Flock Of Jackals And An Elephant

A herd of jackals saw an elephant. His mind started to eat the meat of that elephant. An old jackal said, “Come on, let me show you the way. I have a way of killing an elephant.”

The elephant was moving here and there. The old jackal approached him. “Sir, I am a jackal. I all the animals have sent me to you. Together we have decided that you should be made the king of the jungle. You have all the qualities of a king. Please come with me and take care of the king’s business.”

The elephant got into the flattering words of the jackal. He went with the jackal. The jackal took him to a lake, where the elephant slipped and got stuck in the deep mud.

“Help me, friend,” the elephant shouted helplessly. The jackal smiled crookedly and said, “Sir, you believed in an animal like me. Now you will have to pay the price with your life.”

The elephant got stuck in the mud and died in a while. All the jackals together made a feast for his meat. ( Hidden Face DP For Girls )


Story – Fighting Chickens And Eagles

It was some time ago. Two chickens were fighting over a garbage heap. Both were attacking each other with full force.

The one who won the battle was going to be declared the king of that pile. Eventually, a rooster fell badly injured. Slowly he got up and went to his den.

The winning rooster took a flight and started barking loudly. At the same time, an eagle was flying from above.

The eagle swung at once and grabbed the chicken and took it away. The lost rooster was watching all this. He got out of the tent and stood on the garbage heap.

He declared himself king by planting a bonfire. The arrogant one always loses.


Story – The Boy Who Screams The Wolf

Long ago there was a shepherd who used to take his sheep to the forest for grazing. One day, he decided to joke with the villagers. He started shouting, “Save! The wolf came!”

The villagers heard his call and ran. When they reached the shepherd, they did not see any wolf there.

Seeing the villagers, the shepherd started laughing loudly. He made this joke many times with the villagers. Now the villagers could not believe his call.

One day it so happened that a wolf really came. The shepherd ran towards the villagers and started shouting, “Save! The wolf came!”

The villagers understood that the shepherd was joking as usual.

The villagers laughed hearing him shout. When the shepherd pleaded a lot, some villagers reluctantly went with him.

There everyone saw that the wolf had killed many sheep.


Story – The King Knowing The Language Of Animals

Once a king saved the life of a snake. The snake was pleased and gave such power to the king that he began to understand the language of animals.

However, he also made a condition to keep this power a secret and said that if he told this to anyone, he would die.

Once the king was sitting in the garden with the queen. He heard an ant talking about a piece of sweets. The king started smiling after listening to the ant.

The queen asked him the reason for smiling. The king tried to convince the queen a lot but she kept asking the reason again and again.

Eventually, the king agreed to tell her the secret. Then the voice of Akash was heard, “O Rajan, why are you sacrificing your life for him?

Who herself did not understand the value of your life?” The king told the queen how selfish she was. The queen also understood her mistake.


Story – The Farmer And The Fox

There was a fox, which used to trouble a farmer a lot. She always used to enter the poultry farm of the farmer and eat his chickens and chickens.

The farmer was very fed up with that fox. He decided to teach the fox a lesson. After several days, one day he finally managed to catch the fox.

In anger, he tied a rope soaked in oil to the tail of a fox and set it on fire.

Disturbed by the fire, the fox started running all over the farmer’s field. Soon the entire crop of the farmer caught fire.

Not only did the tail of the fox get burnt, but the farmer was also ruined! Had the farmer not acted in anger, he would not have suffered such a huge loss.

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He was very sorry for what he had done. He decided that now he would never do such a thing again after getting angry.


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