The Story Of The Murder Of The Tailor And The King’s Hunchbacked Servant


The Story Of The Murder Of The Tailor And The King’s Hunchbacked Servant


Reality Life Quotes in Hindi On Shahzad’s request, Shahbaniya agreed to narrate the story and they started the story. A tailor lived in a kingdom. He used to stitch clothes in his shop some distance away from the village. One day he was sewing clothes in his shop, when a hunchback came and sat in front of his shop. He had a khanjadi in his hand, which made a beautiful and melodious sound when struck.

He was singing in front of his shop. The tailor liked it very much. After listening for some time, he said that if you do not mind, then you go near my house, play there and eat food and rest. The cobra agreed.

The tailor and the man both reached home. The tailor washed his hands and face and asked his wife Rupvati to serve him food. Told wife Rupvati that today this friend will also have dinner with me. His wife had cooked fish, which was very tasty and the pleasure of cooking fish with spices is something else.

The cobra and the tailor both sat together and started eating fish. The cobra was hungry and greedily shoved the big piece of fish down inside its mouth. It had big thorns so one of the thorns got stuck in its throat.

He started suffering very much. His breathing stopped and he was in a state of complete unconsciousness. The tailor got very upset. There he picked up the deceased and took him to the doctor so that the sin of the deceased would not be applied. He gave 5 dinars to the doctor’s maid and asked her to call him soon. It was night time It was too dark to see anyone’s face.

The maid told all these things to that doctor. Here the tailor thought the hunchback to be dead and made him stand straight at the same doctor’s door and left. It was dark enough. No one was watching anyone. Hakim quickly understood that there must be a rich man because he has given 5 dinars. Will be a good money spender.

He came running quickly, opened the door and the hunchback who was standing by the door fell down and reached the road. When the doctors saw him by the light of the lamp, considering him dead, due to the fear of the king, they made proper arrangements to leave him somewhere else. The Hakim immediately tied him with a rope in his house and threw him in the house of a Muslim in the house behind him.

That Muslim was about to put ready on the roads, so he had a lot of food items lying with him. He used to wake up every night to see all this stuff in his godown. That’s why he came the same night too and mistaking it for a rat, hit the person with a sharp stick, which hit the cobra on its head and it collapsed there.

That Muslim looked at him and said that if I had stolen something, at least I would not have committed the sin of death, now I would be considered a murderer in the whole city. So I make arrangements for it in advance.

After thinking for a long time, he picked it up and took it to the market and made it stand on the support of a shop. No one was going here and there in the night coffee. It was very dark. That’s why nothing was visible. That person left him there and came back to his house and sat down.

A person was going from there, who was drunk and he was coming from Vaishya’s place. His body touched the body of that hunchback and he fell down. He was drunk so he thought he had come to rob me. That’s why he started telling him loudly and started shouting and calling thief thief. There some policemen were standing far away, he came there after hearing this and saw that one person was hitting the other very fast.

When he separated the two, it was found out that he was a Muslim. He picked up the cobra and found out that it was dead. The policemen took that person along with the cobra on bail and produced them before the Kotwal. Telling the whole situation, Kotwal Sahib locked him in jail.

In the morning Kotwal Sahib presented him in front of Qazi. The Qazi took him in front of the king and told him about the condition of the night and said, “Maharaj, what protest should be given to him?” Maharaj said that according to the rules he should get death penalty. Qazi said okay, he should be given death penalty as per rules.

According to the rules, arrangements were made to hang that person and a noose was hanged at a crossroads where the panchayat is held. The executioner and that cobra Muslim were also taken there. A hearing was held in the whole city that whoever wanted to see the hanging of this person should come and a crowd gathered there to see who was being hanged and for what reason.

When it was time to hang him, a person came out of it and he said wait sir, I am not the murderer of this person. Describing his bad condition, he told the whole thing to Qazi. The king said okay leave this man and let him be hanged.

He was lying on the gallows around his neck and the executioner was about to hang him, then the ruler came out of the crowd shouting, he said that Maharaj is not the fault of this person. The fault is mine. Please hang me. I will not let any fault go to the gallows. That’s why the executioner was about to hang the doctor by putting a noose around his neck, then the tailor said, Maharaj, I am responsible for all this.

This person has died because of me. What did you do when Maharaj asked? He told the whole story that Maharaj was playing it in front of my shop. I invited it for dinner and while having dinner at my house, a fish hook got stuck in its throat, which worsened its condition. I took him to such a doctor and due to the delay in the doctor’s arrival, he died on arrival. Out of fear, I left it there.

Qazi said to the king, but death has happened, so he has to be hanged. So why not offer it to this tailor. The big king of the city, who was the king of that state, got the hanging stopped.

Took those four persons to the emperor i.e. the king of the city. The king took the statements of all of those people and told them that none of you should be hanged. But if you guys tell a more compassionate and good story than this, then we can get it recorded in history and this story of yours will also be recorded.

So I will give you provision when you do not recite, you will be given death. First the person who was beaten in the dark. He said that I like the story, which is very strange and full of compassion. If you allow, Maharaj, then I will tell you. He was ordered to recite and he began to recite.

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