Story Of Another Fakir – Part 2


Story Of Another Fakir – Part 2


That’s why a wooden gold currency was found here. After some time, I got many such gold coins. I gave some of the currency to the clerk who helped me and kept some with me for living.

Like everyday went to cut wood again in 1 day. I had been doing this work for 1 year but one day when I went to cut wood, I went a little beyond my work limit because I started liking it there. I thought of cutting a tree, cut its branches and leaves.

As soon as I thought of cutting the root, I saw a bracelet there. I removed the soil and saw that it was not a latch, it was a latch to open the door. With great force I opened the door under which Shirdi was situated. With the help of Shirdi I went down and saw that a beautiful and pale yellow light was prevailing there.

It was as if someone from heaven went some distance away and saw gold pillars there and went ahead and saw a woman sitting on a bed. Seeing this, I kept on watching and it went on like this for some time.

The woman asked who are you, human or Jinn? I kept looking at her for some time, the same beauty. I said I am human. He said have you come here to die? This is Jin’s house. Hearing the same sweetness and sweet voice, he said that I am happy to hear your sweet voice. I was very upset before seeing you, but now all my pain has ended.

I told him my whole condition. He said prince, I think it is not. Telling her story, she said that I am the daughter of the king of a country, now the daughter of Dermoni. Yes, I got married with my husband, but I was leaving and going home to my city, then on the way, Jinn kidnapped me.

I was shaking with fear that I fainted and when I opened my eyes I found the dungeon prison in this house. Now every 10 days Jin comes and spends the night with me and leaves. He is married to someone from his caste. He is also afraid of his wife. It doesn’t stay there.

I’ve been here for 25 years. He said if you don’t mind you can stay here for 4 to 5 days. But on the day of Chhath, the gin will come here again. I said I would have no objection and what would I object to living with such a beautiful lady?

I stopped there. He took me to the bath house and I had a bath there and gave me some clothes to wear. I was sitting in my clothes. He would bring delicious dishes for me to eat and we would sit together and eat and talk about a few things. After dinner we slept together on the same bed.

As soon as I woke up in the morning, she made more delicious dishes for me and we both had dinner together. I told him that you are locked in this prison for 25 years in this dungeon. Come come with me and see the world outside. How long will you stay in jail? I requested him to come with me.

She said don’t say that I have forgotten the outside world. Surya Prakash I can’t go now. But you can come here. You can spend the remaining 9 days here with me, not on the day the jinn comes. I had become so engrossed in his love that I told you not to be afraid of this much life. I am with you

I will kill him and set you free. I’ll take you with me I will sabotage this machine now and make it equal. I will kill everything in the world at once and first of all this gene. She kept telling me again and again not to touch the machine because I know the power of that Jinn. If you touch our lives will be in danger. I will also die along with you but I was engrossed in her love. I stretched out my hand to touch the instrument.

As soon as I touched that instrument, a terrible sound started happening in that house. All my intoxication of love has gone away. I asked that woman what should be done now? I really didn’t know that all this would happen. He said that you save your life, you run away from here immediately. I don’t mind dying. I am living by dying every day from such a distance, so take care of your life and run away from here immediately.

I immediately ran from there and came up the stairs. Then Jin came there. He shouted to that woman in a loud voice that why did you call me. He said I didn’t call you. I drank the liquor kept and so that my leg was not in control of it and by mistake I stumbled and broke the machine.

He started saying that you are a liar. I send you away by giving death too. But tell me who brought this ax and rope? The woman said, you had come in a hurry, now you might have brought the same person with you. you didn’t pay attention I just saw that rope. Where did it come from?

That Jinn hit that woman a lot and she started crying. I was very angry after hearing this. But what could I even do? I closed that door and put mud on it. I was abusing myself continuously because because of me, because of my stupidity the woman was getting beaten up and was crying again and again.

I came back with the money that I got after selling it in the market, which I had cut yesterday. The clerk looked at me and said a million thanks to God and said that you did not appear yesterday, so I thought that the dacoit had caught him somewhere. But many thanks to God. I thanked him from the bottom of my heart and started resting.

For some time I was thinking that the women were being tortured because of which I was the reason. But then the clerk came and said that some old man has come who is asking you, so maybe he has left some of his rope in the forest. But he is saying that I will give it to those who have left it there. I will not give until he reveals his identity.

I was horrified to hear this. The clerk asked me what is happening to you? Why are you so scared and nervous? Sweat trickled down my face. That’s why Jin came and stood in front of me.

I fainted and started falling down. He picked me up by the waist and made me sit on the mountain, where people take months to climb. He stopped at the same place where I had spent the previous night with the princess.

I saw that the princess was writhing on the ground. She was cursing that Jinn by crying loudly. Those who said that look, I have brought your lover. who is infatuated with you The woman said, I don’t even know it. I have never seen this before in my life. The genie said that you are lying. The princess said you want to kill her. So is lying to me but I will not lie. I haven’t even seen it till today.

The genie said that you kill him, pick up the sword and separate his torso from his head. The princess said that in this condition she will not be able to lift the sword, how can I kill her. Jinn asked me do you know this woman. I also denied that I had never seen this woman before. He told me to take the sword and cut it into two pieces. I thought in my mind that the woman has done so much for me, how can I kill her.

The princess indicated to me that you kill me and save my life but I came back two steps and said Jin how are you? Have you considered me impotent? This work will not be done by me, I cannot kill a woman and a stranger, or do the work yourself, it is your work.

That cruel and oppressor who cut off both the hands of that woman. The poor thing had already become half-dead. I fainted seeing this and fell there when I regained consciousness then Jean asked me whether you kill me if yes then kill me I also want to die.

But Jin said that we don’t kill someone immediately after someone’s death. I saw his anger calm. So he told me that if you have any wish then tell me. I convert you into that animal animal bird creature.

I said you can do all this. You let me be a human being like a jealous person. He asked me the story of the jealous man. I started telling. I kept listening to and narrating the story of an honest man and a jealous man.

Through this post, I have presented the second part of the story, the story of Doosa Fakir. Through the next post, I will present the next story in front of you and share this post as much as possible and do not forget to follow us, thank you.




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