Story of Sleeping Man – Part 1


Story of Sleeping Man – Part 1





Story of Sleeping Man – Part 1


Krishna Images – Hello friends, welcome to the series of Namaskar Alif Laila stories. Today we have brought for you Alif Laila’s famous story of the sleeping man – Alif Laila. You will read this story till the end.

Once upon a time there lived a very big businessman in a city, who was very rich. Besides being rich, I was a very driven person. He also had a son named Abul Hasan. The businessman passed away due to sudden ill health. After which Abul Hasan took over his father’s business.

After passing a few days, Abul Hasan had fallen in the bad company of his friends, after which Abul Hasan slowly started spending all his money with his friends and started having a lot of fun. When gradually all his money started ending, Abul Hasan’s mother explained to him that son you are doing wrong, if you keep doing this then we will come on the road.

Abul felt very sorry after listening to his mother’s words and decided to seek help from his friends. He went to all the friends one by one and asked them for help but all the friends chased Abul away from their house. He came to his home very sorry.

He collected some money and started doing new business again. Abul used to bring a man to his house every day and sent him back in the morning after feeding him. He used to do this because when he was busy having fun with his friends, only then he used to eat food at his house with those people whom he had become used to.

Because of that habit, Abul used to do this everyday. One day when he went out to find a person, he caught a man who appeared to be a great merchant but it was Haru Rashid, the Caliph of Baghdad, who had come to roam the city in disguise.

Abul could not recognize him at all and mistaking him for a merchant, he took Haru Rashid to his house, where Abul fed Rashid a lot of food and gave him plenty of wine to drink.

That’s why the king of Baghdad now asked him why do you do this? After which Abul told him that I had got caught in the bad company of some of my friends and used to have food with them everyday, due to which I used to do all this everyday. King Haru Rashid of Baghdad became very happy after hearing all this.

He decided that why shouldn’t I make him king for a day? After which Haru Rashid also made Abul drink alcohol with him, but Harun Rashid had mixed some intoxicant pills in the alcohol, after drinking which Abul fainted and only then Haru Rashid called his constable and asked to take Abul along. Started saying for After which the Maharaja reached his city in no time.

Going there, the king told everyone to treat him exactly like you do with me and because I am making him the king of this place for some time. After which everyone obeyed the Maharaja and started behaving in the same way with Abul. As the Maharaja asked everyone to do.

When Abul regained consciousness, he looked around him to see that he was in a big palace, where many maids were standing in front or behind him. Abul Hasan was very surprised to see this.

In a short while, a minister named Mashroor came there. He took Abul to the court dressed as a king and after going there, Mashroor made Abul Hasan sit on the throne of Caliph Haroon Rashid. As soon as Abul sat on the throne of the Maharaja, everyone started respecting him. Seeing all this, Abul became sure that he is the king here.

After which he asked his minister to go and bring the inspector. The minister obeyed the king and did what Abul asked the minister to do. The inspector came there and said – “Go, catch an old man and his four companions and put them in jail!

Wherein you punish them with four hundred lashes for the old man and one hundred lashes for his companions and drive them out of this city. After which the inspector did what Abul told him to do. Khalifa Haru Rashid was secretly watching all this.

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