Story of Aladdin And The Magic Lamp – Part 1


Story of Aladdin And The Magic Lamp – Part 1


Reality Life Quotes in Hindi – Hello friends, welcome to the series of Namaskar Alif Laila stories. Today we have brought for you the story of Alif Laila’s famous Aladdin and the magic lamp. You must read this story till the end.

After which the man took Aladdin with him to a place where he wanted to go for many years. But being fat he could not go there for which he trapped Aladdin in his trap. That person was not Aladdin’s uncle Vacha.

He was a great magician who had come to collect the magic lamp hidden somewhere in China. Because of which he could rule the whole world. That’s why he trapped Aladdin in his trap because Aladdin was very small and thin. He could go inside the cave.

Because if any person had gone inside that cave and its walls had touched that person, then that person would have lost his life there, fearing which that magician was not going inside that cave. For which he took Aladdin to go to the cave. Reaching the cave, he asks Aladdin to go inside it. You will find three caves inside.

In which very beautiful things have been kept one after the other, but first of all you go to all the three caves and there must have been a lamp with which you can come back and whatever you like while coming back, take it with you and so on. By speaking, the magician pushed Aladdin inside the cave.

After which, while saving his life, Aladdin slowly crossed all the caves and reached the lamp. He hid the lamp in his chest and while coming from there, Aladdin stuffed many things in his clothes. The lamp had gone down due to having too many items.

Aladdin, saving his life, slowly came near a cave. As soon as Aladdin came near the cave, he asked his uncle to pull me up, but the magician told Aladdin that first you give me that lamp, only then I will pull you up.

But Aladdin started insisting that first you lift me up. I will give you the lamp. After a while the magician became very angry with Aladdin and he locked Aladdin in the same cave. Aladdin kept shouting very loudly but no one used to come and go there, who could hear his voice. After a day or two, the lamp accidentally fell from Aladdin.

From which a very big genie came out and said, Lord, please give orders. Aladdin was horrified to see the Genie. Then Aladdin fearfully asked the Genie to take me back to my house. The genie obeyed Aladdin and took him to his home. On reaching home, Aladdin told his mother everything about that person and said that mother he was not my uncle.

He was a big cheater who tried to kill me. But I reached here saving my life. Only then did Aladdin tell his mother the whole story about the Genie, how he saved my life. Then Aladdin said to his mother that mother I am feeling very hungry.

Get something to eat. Due to lack of food at home, his mother said that son, there is no food at home. I will sell some of my things and get some money, so that I can bring something to eat. But then Aladdin rubbed that lamp once again, a huge genie came out of it and said why have you remembered me? Aladdin’s mother immediately fainted upon seeing the Genie.

Then Aladdin asked the genie to bring something to eat. I am feeling very hungry. After which the genie said that whatever is the order of my master and in a short time the genie put the food in silver plates in front of him and went away. Aladdin brought his mother to her senses and as soon as she regained consciousness she was shocked to see a lot of food.

And started saying who was that person? Only then Aladdin told that mother I told you about this so it was the same. Only then his mother and Aladdin both started eating food sitting and continued this food for two-three days. When the food ran out, they ran their business by selling the food plates. For two or three years, Aladdin and his mother repeated this process. Only then one day everyone in the city was informed that the market would remain closed today.

Because the king’s daughter is going to take bath today. Aladdin became very happy to hear this and decided in his mind that he would keep seeing the king’s daughter, after which he secretly reached the place where the king’s daughter was taking a bath.









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