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Is Tree Falling On Car Covered By Insurance? ( Code 0092 )


Is Tree Falling On Car Covered By Insurance?

Is Tree Falling On Car Covered By Insurance?

A car is a much-loved possession for almost everyone. And thus, as car owners we never want our car to get involved in any foreseen event where it can be vulnerable to damages.

However, life in unpredictable and we can only plan for it. In terms of the well-being of our car, we can do so by opting for a car insurance policy.

So, will a car insurance company provide you compensation if a tree falls on the insured vehicle? The answer to this question depends on the coverage you had chosen at the time of buying your car insurance.

On the basis of coverage, there are three types of car insurance policies namely third-party car insurance, own-damage car insurance, and comprehensive car insurance. Only the last two policy types provide for own damages incurred by the car. Thus, if you have either a standalone own-damage policy or a comprehensive car insurance, then the own damage incurred by you car will be provided for by the insurance provider, otherwse not!

Types Of Tree Damage

 There are five different ways that a fallen tree can harm your car –

  • Running Over A Fallen Tree On The Highway

Although hitting a tree that is laying on the road may be covered by insurance, this is not the same as having an object fall on your car. Insurance companies view running into a tree as a collision.

You must get collision insurance to be protected in situations like these. Otherwise, insurance does not pay for the losses because it is your duty to watch out for roadside obstructions. Falling things cannot be avoided, while stationary impediments are seen as avoidable by insurance.

  • A Tree Falls On Your Vehicle

You’ll be responsible for the deductible out of your insurance if a tree in your yard falls on your car. However, due to premises liability, you might not get support from your insurance since it is your duty to maintain the health of any trees on your property.

  • Your Neighbor’s Car Gets Hit By Your Tree

You might be held responsible if your tree tumbles into your neighbor’s property. If the insurance provider can demonstrate negligence or that you knew the tree posed a risk but did nothing, they will not pay for the damages, and you may be required to make a personal payment. Your insurance provider will probably contest any claims made by your neighbour.

  • A Tree From Your Neighbour Falls Upon Your Car.

Your neighbour is responsible for covering the cost of repairs if a neighbor’s tree or branches fall on your vehicle. However, you need to show that either your neighbour was informed about the rotting tree or that they received a warning. The two insurance companies will contest the claim if you don’t have any proof.

  • Your Car Is Hit by a City-Owned Tree

Call your local government authority if a city-owned tree from a park or other public area falls on your car. After that, they will arrange for the tree to be cut down. They must cover your losses if they knew the tree posed a risk.

How Can I Keep A Tree From Harming My Car?

 You can reduce the possibility of a tree falling on your car by exercising caution through the follwing ways:

  • Drive in a covered garage or parking lot.
  • Parking far from a tree should be avoided.
  • Make plans to have any dead trees on your property removed.
  • Low-hanging or cut tree limbs
  • If at all feasible, request that your neighbor(s) maintain their trees pruned back and away from the fence.
  • If you see an unsteady tree on your neighbor’s property, get in touch with them or the city.

How Does Tree Damage Fall Under Comprehensive Coverage?

 Comprehensive insurance will cover a variety of non-collision-related damages, including theft, vandalism, hail, and tree damage. Although it’s typically an optional coverage, if you’re borrowing or renting your car, you can be required to get it.

While submiting claim for tree damage, your comprehensive coverage won’t begin until you pay the applicable deductible. Prior to your insurance covering the remaining part of the cost, you consent to paying a predetermined amount (per claim) as your deductible.

How to Deal with Insurance Companies About Tree Damage?

 Document everything if a tree falls on your car during an accident, or if your tree falls on another person’s car. That involves photographing the tree atop the car and capturing the tree’s condition before its fall. After that, submit a claim to your insurance provider. To speed up the procedure, inquire with the agent or claims agent about ways to simplify it. Ideally, you should park your car in a garage to guard against tree damage. If you don’t have a garage, upgrade your car insurance policy to include comprehensive coverage.


 To protect your vehicle from tree damage, ideally, you should keep it in a garage. Add comprehensive protection to your vehicle insurance plan if you don’t have a garage. After a tree falls on your vehicle, you need to figure out who is in charge of making an insurance claim. If you admit fault, your insurance company may charge you more since they will see the incident negatively. Even while your deductible will assist with the cost of repairs, you shouldn’t try to hold yourself accountable if you weren’t at fault.

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