All You Need To Know About Keto

All You Need To Know About Keto


All You Need To Know About Keto

All You Need To Know About Keto

My Personal Journey

I was always on the heavier side growing up. I had always dreamed of having a six-pack like I saw people have in the Movies or on TV, but it never seemed possible to me. I tried to get one myself, but I was never able to quite get there, and every pound I lost would just be gained again in the next few days, or weeks. This made me feel stuck, and I was frustrated It never made sense to me, I had always been in sports, and I thought I was plenty active.

In the past year, I spent most of my time trying to figure out why I would not ever be able to get this fantastical six-pack and to others it was effortless. No matter what they would eat, they wouldn’t gain any weight. Like many, I assumed their metabolism was just faster, so I was doomed to stay at my current weight forever so I could never look good. Then I learned about calories.

I was watching all of these bodybuilders and people who looked how I wanted to, and they all talked about one thing in common: Calories. They said that if you eat more calories than you burn, you will gain weight and vice versa. I believed them, but I really did not want to spend all of that time trying to calculate the exact number of calories I was eating and burning, I just didn’t have the time. I finally decided to try the Keto diet, as I was looking for any solution to finally achieve my dream six-pack.

The Solution

I wanted to try this new Keto diet that was giving so many people all around the world results, so I looked for a plan to go off of. the one I found started with a seven-day free trial. Here is the link to the free trial that I used to achieve my results: This seemed promising to me, so I figured why not try it out, it cannot hurt, it is completely free! After the first few days, I was already starting to see results! After about three months of trying this new diet, I had determined that it was a great success, but why? I finally was able to reach my goal of that fantastical six-pack I thought before not to be possible. I lost a total of over 20 pounds, and I was still losing weight by the week.

Why Did it Work?

I was confused and excited at the same time, how come I was able to achieve this so quickly after trying so many things and failing over and over? I did my research, through hours of classes, YouTube videos, and scientific research. What I found was this: the Keto diet reduces both your hunger and cravings, so you end up eating fewer calories than you burn consistently without constantly struggling with hunger.

It also is one of the few diets that will stop muscle loss, which is what helps you to keep the weight that you lost off and helps you to build muscle while you are losing fat. Because you are not having carbohydrates, your body enters a state called ketosis. This means that you are constantly in the fat-burning mode because you are not consuming carbs to get in the way of this. Ketosis also gives you energy all day long, unlike those other diets where you are constantly tired.

Shake Effect

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