How To Check Car Insurance Validity Online?

How To Check Car Insurance Validity Online? ( Code 0106 )


How To Check Car Insurance Validity Online?

How To Check Car Insurance Validity Online?

Numerous insurance-related transactions are now quick and easy thanks to the internet. The best after-sales service is being led by modern digital insurance companies. . Regardless if you have missed your insurance details or misplaced your policy documents, it is simple to check if your car is still covered. To know more about checking car insurance validity online, read on.

How Can An Individual Check Their Car Insurance Online?

The Parivahan website or the mParivahan app, both of which are accessible on the Play Store, allow users to check the expiration date of their auto insurance. The information of insurance would be presented on the app after entering the vehicle number. The software allows users to examine the start and end dates of their vehicle insurance policies and renew them accordingly. Alternatively, you may contact your insurance company  or visit the insurance provider’s website to verify the auto insurance expiration date online.

How And Where To Check The Status Of A Vehicle Insurance Policy Online?

To verify the status of a vehicle insurance policy, get in touch with the intermediary from whom the policy was purchased, or use the mParivahan app, which shows the start and end dates of the insurance policy. If you can recall the broker from whom the policy was purchased, you can speak with them about the status of the policy. Alternatively, if you purchased the policy from ABC Provider, you can call their customer service line to find out the status of the insurance policy or check car insurance online.

How Does An Individual Go Online To Check Their Car Insurance?

Online auto insurance rates are available at Car Insurance, which hosts nearly all of the top general insurance providers. After comparing the estimates from several insurance providers, the best auto insurance may be chosen. The online platform, which has a specialised staff of agents to help the consumer with their vehicle insurance, also allows for the renewal of auto insurance.

What Are The Ways To Check Car Insurance Policy Online?

It is essential to purchase auto insurance. Third-party auto insurance is necessary to get started. Second, further protection against road risks is provided by automobile insurance add-ons. All policyholders must be fully informed on the status of their motor insurance. The majority of insurance plans need to be renewed annually, and most of them have expiration dates.

Additionally, holding an expired policy may land you in legal and financial trouble. As a consequence, you could at some time want to verify the status of your auto insurance policy, the duration of the policy, whether or not your car is still secured, or other relevant information. Both online and offline options are available for monitoring the status of your auto insurance policy.

What Is The IIB (Insurance Information Bureau)?

The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) developed the Insurance Information Bureau online platform in 2009 to house data on auto insurance (IIB). The IIB is a data repository that compiles data on insurance policies issued for the Indian insurance industry. This bureau was established primarily to give information such as accident data and to verify the validity of an automobile or motorcycle insurance policy.


In summary, the insurance information is required in order to file a claim for the damages your car has sustained in the event of an accident or in case you have caused an accident. To avoid missing the renewal deadline, you should also be informed of the condition of your insurance policy.

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