Story of Aladdin And The Magic Lamp – Part 2


Story of Aladdin And The Magic Lamp – Part 2


Reality Life Quotes in Hindi – There, when he saw the king’s girl in her, Aladdin kept looking at her and fell in love with her. When Aladdin came to his house after a while, his condition had deteriorated. He was getting lost in the thoughts of that girl.

Then his mother asked him what happened? Then Aladdin told him that today I have seen the king’s daughter and I am in love with her. For which Aladdin’s mother scolded Aladdin a lot and started saying, don’t even think about it. You will die

But in Aladdin explained to his mother that you should do as I say. After which the king will get his daughter married to me. Then Aladdin gave some gems to his mother and told her to go and give them to the king as a gift and the king would be very happy to see them.

And will be ready to marry his daughter to me and I will see to the rest. After which Aladdin’s mother reached the king’s court with those gems, but Aladdin’s mother was not being allowed to meet the king, this process went on for many days.

After which one day the king saw Aladdin’s mother and called her to him. Then Aladdin’s mother asked the king to tell what is your problem? Aladdin’s mother said that I want to talk to you in private. After which the king kicked everyone out of the room. Then Aladdin’s mother started talking about the marriage of both Aladdin and the king’s daughter.

And only then he gave those gems to the king. The king was very surprised to see that gem. He agreed to marry his daughter to Aladdin after 3 years. After which Aladdin’s mother went back to her house and she told Aladdin about the marriage, which became very happy to hear.

But the king got his daughter married to his minister’s son within two years. When he came to know about this, he called the genie from his lamp and told him to go and pick up the king’s daughter and her husband along with the bed. Bringing here and locking the boy in the bathroom. After which the Genie also did what Aladdin told him to do.

In which both were picked up from the palace and brought to Aladdin and the king’s daughter’s husband was taken and locked in the bathroom. This went on for several days. After which both of them told about the incident happening with them in their respective houses. After which the king decided to separate both of them. Only then 3 years had completed.

After which Aladdin’s mother went to the king’s court. The king immediately understood that she had come here to talk about her son’s marriage. But the king did not disappoint Aladdin’s mother this time. He decided to get his daughter married and said that tomorrow your son and my daughter will get married. Go and make arrangements for the marriage.

After which Aladdin’s mother went to Aladdin and said that tomorrow is your wedding. With the help of Aladdin, Aladdin got a huge house, a lot of servants and a lot of clothes in Aladdin to make arrangements for himself, after which the Genie obeyed his master and revealed everything to him and who made Aladdin very rich. Made a person

After which the king’s daughter got married to Aladdin and they lived happily ever after. But then the magician came to know that Aladdin has become very rich and he has also married the daughter of the king, after which he came back to take revenge on Aladdin.

After coming back, when Aladdin was not at home, he took the form of a lamp and went to his house and said, return all the old lamps in the house and get new lamps. Hearing this, Aladdin’s wife gave all the lamps in the house to the magician, among whom was the lamp. Then the magician pulled the lamp and called Jinn out and said that you take Aladdin’s wife and his house with me to Africa. Genie did as the magician told him when Aladdin came back.

He saw that there was neither his house nor his wife. Then Aladdin said to the things that you give me a few days time, I will bring your daughter back safely.

Gave a few days time to the king Aladdin. After which he came back to his old house. After reaching there, he used the magician’s ring which the magician had given him while going inside the cave. He called the jinn using the ring but they refused to listen to all his words.

And started saying that I am the servant of the one who has the lamp. Only then Aladdin told him to take me to the place where my wife and my house are. Genie obeying Aladdin, brought Aladdin in front of his house and wife in Africa.

Aladdin was overjoyed to see his wife and secretly saved his life from the magician, went to his wife and hugged her. Then Aladdin told all the things about Jinn and Chirag to his wife and asked him to tell what happened here after I left, after which his wife told everything how she reached here.

After which Aladdin made a plan and said that you go to the magician. Trap him in your love and bring that lamp to me. His wife also made the magician fall in love with her and took Chirag to Aladdin as soon as she got the chance. Aladdin rubbed the lamp and called the genie to get the magician killed and asked the genie to return to his home.

After which the Genie took the house and Aladdin and his wife back to the same place, where they started living happily ever after.

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