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How Much Salary Should Be There For Credit Card?


How Much Salary Should Be There For Credit Card?

How Much Salary Should Be There For Credit Card?

It often comes in the mind of people earning less money that how much salary should be there for a credit card? Because people who neither have a government job nor do any such work from which they can earn 20 to 25 thousand rupees every month, it becomes very difficult for them to get a credit card.

In this case, if you also want to know how much salary should be there for credit card. How can people with low salary get a credit card made? What are the important things related to getting a credit card, then read this article of ours till the end.


What is a credit card?

Before we tell you how much salary should be there for a credit card. Let us inform you once what is a credit card. In this, let us tell you that credit card is also a kind of ATM. With the help of which you can do transactions at ATMs and other places. Just like you do with a credit card.

In such a situation, the question must be coming in your mind that then what is the difference between debit card and credit card. So let us tell you that you can withdraw money from a simple ATM card only when you have money in your bank account. But if you have a credit card, you can easily withdraw money even when there is no money in your account. That’s why many times people consider credit card as their companion of happiness and sorrow.


Benefits of getting a credit card

People having credit cards have such an image in the society that they have good money. That’s why they keep the credit card.
Where there is only credit card payment option. There your credit card works to play the most important role.
Many times in online sale or other places, you get to see more offers on credit cards as compared to ordinary ATMs. With which you can easily increase your budget.
On credit card, you can easily take any kind of thing from the market or online on EMI. From here your installment will be automatically deducted every month.
If you borrow money from a credit card, then full 45 days are given for its payment. During this time you are not charged any kind of interest on that money.
If you keep the correct transactions through credit card, then your Cibil Score becomes very good. Which further proves helpful in taking bigger loans from the bank.


credit card types

There are many different types of credit cards as well. According to their type, some different types of facilities are also given inside them. Also, the type of credit card you will take, you will have to pay its annual charge every year accordingly.

  • Travel Credit Card
  • Shopping Credit Card
  • Entertainment Credit Card
  • Premium Credit Card
  • Zero Charge Credit Card
  • Secured Credit Card
  • Ko-Brand Card
  • Fuel Credit Card
  • Rewards Credit Card
  • Rewards Card


How to apply for Credit Card?

There are two ways in front of you to get a credit card from any bank. The first way is to go to the bank’s website and submit your application online. After this, your credit card will come to your home with the help of post. But this will happen only if all your documents are found correct and you are found eligible for the credit card.

Apart from this, the second way is that you go to the bank branch and fill the credit card form there. After this, attach photocopies of all your documents. If you are found eligible, then its information will also come on your mobile phone and after a few days your credit card will also come to your home through post.


How much salary should be there for credit card?


If we talk about how much salary should be there for a credit card, then there is no fixed measure that if a person has this much salary then you will be given a credit card. But it is generally seen that banks consider that person right who has a salary of at least 15 to 20 thousand rupees every month.

If you get this much salary every month, then you can easily apply for your credit card in any bank. From there your credit card will be generated easily. Just your salary slip and other documents should be correct.


Other Credit Card Eligibility


You must be between 21 years to 70 years to apply for a credit card. Depending on the bank, it can be a little less as well.
If you have a business then you can easily apply for a credit card with its GST number.
If you are on a government job, you can apply for a credit card online with the help of its documents.
If you have a correct transaction, the bank will automatically offer you the credit card. This saves you the lengthy investigation.
How to get unemployed people credit card?
Now you must have understood that how much salary should be there for credit card. But if you are unemployed and fond of having a credit card, then you need not panic. We are going to tell some methods for you too. With the help of which you can also easily get a credit card made. You just need to have some patience for this. Also, your age should be more than 21 years.


Get a credit card made on the basis of FD

After knowing how much salary is required for credit card, if your salary does not come that much, then you should open an FD in whatever bank your account is in. Within this, you deposit 30 to 40 thousand rupees for at least one year.

After this, you can easily take a credit card on the basis of this FD. But its condition remains that when your FD is completed, then you credit card is also taken back from you. But till then your CIBIL score becomes very good. That’s why it is possible that the bank itself will give you the credit card offer.

Otherwise, sometimes other banks also give you credit card offers after seeing your CIBIL score. Just take advantage of this opportunity and apply for a credit card there. But if you do not return the money from the credit card to the bank, then it will be recovered from your Fd.


keep your transaction correct

Apart from this, if you have understood how much salary is required for Credit card and you do not meet its criteria, then it is necessary for you to do regular transactions from the bank where you have your account.

In the transaction, you should not only do this that you take ten thousand rupees to the bank every month and get it deposited. You need that you withdraw a few thousand rupees every month from your account and sometimes you deposit it. This will make the bank trust you and offer you a credit card. Just take advantage of this opportunity and get your credit card made. After this you can easily make further.


In how many days the credit card is made?

Credit card ke liye kitni salary honi chahiye whether you are completing it or not. You can now easily get a credit card made. But this question must be coming in your mind that after how many days after applying, your credit card comes to your home.

So let us tell you that normally it takes a week’s time. But if any kind of problem is found in your document then it may take you more time. Therefore, as an estimate, you should consider at least 15 days. But keep one thing in mind here that as soon as your application is approved by the bank, you are informed by sending an SMS. After which you can be sure.


credit card charges

If you lose your credit card, you will have to pay a fee from the bank to get the credit card reissued. Only then the card will be given again.
If you withdraw money from ATM every month more than the fixed limit, then you will have to pay the charge as ATM fee.
Every year his annual charge is deducted on the credit card. Which is different for each bank. You have to pay that.
If you exceed the limit given by the bank, then the bank charges you separately for the over limit. Which will be deducted from your bank account.
If you delay the payment of the amount taken from the credit card, then you will also have to pay the charge. Which is different for each bank.
If the bank takes any kind of charge from you, then you will have to pay GST. Which is around 18 percent above your charge.


Some important things related to credit card

Never apply for a credit card in the presence of friends or relatives. Because if you make a credit card without need, then instead of profit, you may have to bear its loss.
Many times, many fake people offer you to get a credit card by taking the name of the bank. If such a person calls you, then you should not send your documents online and go directly to the bank. With this you can avoid any kind of fraud.
If you exceed the credit card limit, then your CIBIL score may get damaged. That’s why you never cross it.
If ever you have to take more money from the credit card under compulsion, then you must repay it to the bank within 45 days. Otherwise the bank charges you a heavy interest on that money.
Keep your card pin (ATM Pin) and card well. So that no one can misuse it.
Never save the credit card on the website when you do online transactions. Your data can be stolen from this.
In case of loss of credit card or any kind of fraud, you should immediately report it on the helpline number of the bank. This helpline is operational 24 hours 365 days.

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