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Harman Kardon And Renault Continue Their Partnership With The All-New Austral


Harman Kardon And Renault Continue Their Partnership With The All-New Austral

Harman Kardon And Renault Continue Their Partnership With The All-New Austral

HARMAN International, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. focused on connected technologies for automotive, consumer and enterprise markets, is pleased to announce the continuation of its partnership with Renault with the launch of the all new Austral. The Renault Austral is a compact SUV with an edgy and athletic look and an optional Harman Kardon premium sound system in the top trim lines. Harman Kardon combines high-performance loudspeakers with cutting-edge technologies and an iconic design for a premium sound experience in the vehicle.

With more than 65 years of deep expertise in acoustic design, tuning and signal processing, Harman Kardon is dedicated to delivering sound so captivating and absorbing that it entices the listener’s senses and focuses them on the present. The purposeful design and rich multilayered sound, in combination with Renault’s signature French style and flair, create meaningful and special moments while driving.

“Starting with the partnership in 2021, Harman Kardon and Renault proved a perfect match. Harman Kardon’s acoustics engineers worked closely with the Renault engineers to create a state-of-the-art sound system that seamlessly integrates into the unique ambience of the vehicle. In addition, Renault’s collaboration with Jean-Michel Jarre, French artist and producer, shaped the final sound design direction,” said Greg Sikora, Senior Director, Global Acoustic Systems Engineering at HARMAN.

Pure, clear and detailed sound as the artist intended

The Harman Kardon premium sound system delivers more than the simple reproduction of music; it reveals all the nuances of finely tuned sound. The highlight of the system is the patented shared motor coaxial speaker (midrange and tweeter) in the dashboard that impresses the listener with a stable soundstage and the finest representation of music and spoken word. 12 high-performance speakers, including high-power dual voice coil woofers with an External Coupled Subwoofer (ECS) for dynamic and low-distortion bass reproduction, and an amplifier with a total output of 485 watts deliver full frequency range at any volume level.

To uncover the emotional power of quality audio, every detail of the Harman Kardon premium sound system is precisely tuned to the Austral’s interior. The Virtual Centre technology processes the audio signals from each speaker to ensure an unbiased stereo stage directly in front of each listener. Furthermore, the Vehicle Speed Compensation features an advanced algorithm to maintain the music reproduction level at any vehicle speed, whether relaxing on the road on a getaway or enjoying a live concert while driving through the mountains.

The patented QLS (QuantumLogic® Surround) surround sound algorithm provides each passenger with an individual stage, envelopment, and surrounding content that delivers a truly immersive experience. The integrated surround midrange speakers create a highly valuable addition to the natural sound enjoyment for front and rear passengers. With only one touch, the occupants can choose between five sound ambiances to match their individual preference for the in-cabin listening adventure.

• Studio – a precise, clear and detailed reproduction truthful to the artist’s intentions, yet exciting and dynamic.

• Concert – a wide stereo stage created in front of the listener with surrounding envelopment as if you were in a concert venue.

• Lounge – offering an intimate setting with a deep inspiring atmosphere to feel closer to the artist and sound stage.

• Immersion – creates a feeling of being surrounded by instruments and inside the music, giving the listener a new dimension to the sound.

• Club – pronounced and intense low frequency bass extension with loud, wide and high-contrast sound.

Iconic design reflects the flair of Renault design

Harman Kardon seamlessly integrates all the speakers, matching the vehicle’s exceptional ambience. The stainless-steel speaker grilles with matte black coating and highlighted pattern elements are a design highlight in the front doors. The centre grille with the visibly embedded logo and highlighted 3D surface on the dashboard completes the perfectly harmonised design. The extraordinary shape of the centre grille is a superb expression of the precise manufacturing and premium quality of Harman Kardon and Renault.

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