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Future Of Semiconductors Trucks & Windshield Repairs


Future Of Semiconductors Trucks & Windshield Repairs

Future Of Semiconductors Trucks & Windshield Repairs

Since the Coronavirus pandemic, supply chains have been bending, nearly breaking, to keep up with demand. When Americans found out that COVID-19 is a norovirus and people have been trying to get back to normal – things are changing in ways we didn’t think were possible.

We are going to look at the recent rail strike of 2023 and how this data point is an inflection point of the greater supply chain disruption since COVID-19. The other data points we want to look at is technology and how that is changing the way windshield repairs will be done.

With the combined data we make a daring theory at the end of the article.

Tech Companies Reroute Semiconductor Shipments from Rail to Truck:

Technology companies that provide key semiconductor chips for the economy began moving their cargo shipments off the railroads and onto trucks as the nationwide trucking freight rail strike approached. The move is being made, DHL Global Forwarding told CNBC, in an effort to avoid any rail pre-strike preparedness that would cause freight railroad companies to prioritize their goods. The technology goods being shipped by truck include semiconductor chips that are crucial for high-tech industries and auto manufacturing.

“It is technology freight coming from California,” said Goretz Aerbrand, ocean cargo chief for Americas for DHL Global Forwarding. Alebrand said that trucking capacity is higher now than it was when a rail strike was first threatened in September, resulting from fewer container ships coming into US ports in general. “There are more trucks and more chassis, but that does not mean that there are enough trucks to transfer all the freight from the rails onto trucks, Alebrand said.

Under federal safety measures, rail carriers start prepping for the strike seven days before it is scheduled.

Summary: Supply chains have been wreaking havoc on the economy since COVID-19 and the semiconductor industry is facing possible demand destruction at this moment. With oil price fluctuations, diesel shortage and now a possible rail strike – this will lead to higher prices and squeeze on the poor/middle class.

Smart Vehicles Can Now Be Worked on at Regular Auto Repair Shops:

With the new technology comes new opportunities for small businesses. Tesla’s are now being worked on at General Motor dealerships and repair shops.

President of GM, Mark Reuss said GM dealer service centers have made “11,180 repairs on Teslas” since 2021.

“Complex auto repairs for Tesla powertrains need access to the carmaker’s Garage Tools server to pull codes and run self tests. And when even Tesla is having trouble getting parts for its range, there’s no reason to think GM could or would. Tesla did begin selling two subscriptions to service, repair, and diagnostic software last year. It’s possible GM dealers have got in on that…”

Summary: Honda dealerships are also working on Sony electric vehicles. Lyft and other type of tech-apps will allow for faster auto repair response and maintenance scheduling. This leads us to conclude that harnessing the power of the internet is going to be just as important as word of mouth marketing and advertising.

Windshield Repairs in 2023 and Beyond:

There are a number of insurance companies tort reform groups looking over benefit agreements for windshield repairs. The reason why is there are a number of fraudulent insurance claims on the rise.

“Companies on the other end of AOB agreements often sue insurance companies to collect fees. Insurers say those lawsuits are often for inflated claims.”

The initiative “Fix the Cracks” is something that originates in Florida but could soon move nationwide.

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