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50+ Rather Questions For Kids ( 5075 )


50+ Rather Questions For Kids

50+ Rather Questions For Kids

  1. Would you rather grow whiskers like a cat, or have to meow at the end of every sentence?
  2. Would you rather sing Baby Shark every time you eat or do the Baby Shark dance every time you take a drink?
  3. Would you rather spend a night with a giant spider in your room, and the light on, or lots of little spiders with the light off?
  4. Would you rather turn purple all over, or green?
  5. Would you rather dress like a person from 100 years ago, or talk like one?
  6. Would you rather dance everywhere like a ballet dancer or sing like an opera singer everywhere you go?
  7. Would you rather have giant feet or tiny feet?
  8. Would you rather wear a curly green wig every day for a year or a three-foot-tall hat?
  9. Would you rather carry a monkey around all day at school, or have a group of raccoons follow you?
  10. Would you rather sleep in a bath full of chocolate pudding, or one full of lime jello?
  11. Would you rather go to the washroom in a strange house in the dark, or go with the light on, but with someone holding your hand?
  12. Would you rather cuddle a crocodile or kiss a snapping turtle?
  13. Would you rather do three hours of homework every night or sit on your teacher’s lap for 15 minutes every day in front of the class?
  14. Would you rather grow an extra set of ears, but not hear very well, or an extra tongue but not taste very well?
  15. Would you rather have to perform a Tik Tok dance in front of a small group of people you know, or stand on a stage in front of 1,000 strangers, but not have to dance?
  16. Would you rather wear clown shoes for the rest of your life or a giant red clown nose that people keep squeaking?
  17. Would you rather have a tasty drink that turned your lips different colors, or a tasteless drink that left your lips as they are?
  18. Would you rather tell bad jokes and make everyone groan for an hour every day, or listen to someone telling bad jokes for an hour every day?
  19. Would you rather have a pet unicorn you love, but nobody else could see, or a pet log that you love and everyone can see?
  20. Would you rather sleep in a box of dirt every night so you would grow, or in your bed every night but stay the same size forever?
  21. Would you rather travel everywhere in a car shaped like a banana, or one shaped like a hot dog?
  22. Would you rather spend the rest of your life only speaking in rhyme, or not say anything for one year?
  23. Would you rather have people see you in your underwear or be able to read your mind?
  24. Would you rather be shrunk to the size of a cat or be as tall as a giraffe?
  25. Would you rather have super long fingers or super long toes?
  26. Would you rather watch someone pick their nose while you eat or watch someone pick their toenails while you eat?
  27. Would you rather try to go to the washroom on a tiny toilet that will overflow or a giant toilet you might fall into?
  28. Would you rather have to sit in a bath of beans for a week or a bath of boogers for an hour?
  29. Would you rather lick the bottom of someone else’s shoe or the sole of their feet?
  30. Would you rather eat a large can of dog food or a large plate of rotten apples?
  31. Would you rather have someone catch you picking your nose and eating it, or scratching your bum and sniffing your fingers?
  32. Would you rather have beetles in your hair for a week or in your food for a day?
  33. Would you rather scrub the washroom floor with your toothbrush and then use it to clean your teeth, or clean your teeth with a toothbrush someone else has used in their mouth?
  34. Would you rather do a loud fart and have everyone know you did it, or a really stinky one and have nobody know?
  35. Would you rather smell like moldy Brussels sprouts or have a moldy Brussels sprout as a nose?
  36. Would you rather eat food that tastes good but looks like poop, or food that looks good but tastes like poop?
  37. Would you rather wear see-through clothes, or have everyone you know wear see-through clothes?
  38. Would you rather spend a week wearing a different stranger’s dirty clothes every day, or wear your own clothes, but you cannot change them for one year?
  39. Would you rather never pick your nose but have people think you did or have to pick your nose and eat it every day, but have nobody know?
  40. Would you rather step on dog poop while wearing shoes, but not wash it off all day, or stand on dog poop in bare feet but wash it off immediately?
  41. Would you rather eat a dead bug that tastes gross or a live bug that tastes good?
  42. Would you rather eat asparagus flavored ice cream or ice cream flavored asparagus?
  43. Would you rather change diapers all day for one week, or clean a cat’s litter tray every day for a year?
  44. Would you rather throw up every time you ate your favorite food, or never eat your favorite food again and never throw-up?
  45. Would you rather have smelly breath or smelly feet?
  46. Would you rather use shampoo to brush your teeth or toothpaste to wash your hair?
  47. Would you rather swim through a pool of eels or a pool of jellyfish?
  48. Would you rather eat cereal out of your friend’s mouth, or have them eat cereal out of yours?
  49. Would you rather fart clouds of sweet-smelling glitter or belch dusty clouds that smell like candy?
  50. Would you rather cut your dad’s toenails, or pick your friend’s nose?

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