This eco-friendly Cookware brand is great if you are looking for 100% “green” pots and pans

5 Reasons that MEC Pots are Excellent Pressure Cookers


5 Reasons that MEC Pots are Excellent Pressure Cookers

5 Reasons that MEC Pots are Excellent Pressure Cookers

Ever since Miriam’s Earthen Cookware (MEC) began manufacturing pure clay pots, these pots have been giving their metal counterparts a run for their money. Why is that? MEC pots offer you, the home chef, a healthy and nutritious way to pressure cook all your favorite recipes, And these feature-rich clay pots are way better than conventional pots in many ways. Before we get into that, a brief intro about MEC:

Miriams Earthen Cookware (MEC) is a pioneering all-American cookware brand that makes pots and pans from locally sourced 100% non-toxic primary clay. The raw material is tested for toxins in a state lab and the potters individually handcraft all their pieces without using any additives, chemicals, or glazes. Read on to find out 5 reasons MEC pots are the best pressure cookers:

  1. They are Versatile for All Heat Sources & Many Cooking Tasks

MEC pots and pans are ergonomically designed keeping in mind the uniqueness of this all-natural raw material, primary clay. The result is – a versatile piece of cookware that one can use to cook on any heat source – gas stove, electric stove, glass cooktop and in the oven. And one pot can perform a variety of cooking tasks: besides pressure cooking, you may use these for slow cooking, yogurt making, bread baking, cooking rice and grains, as a Dutch oven and many more. There is no other pressure cooker in the market that comes with this feature.

  1. Durable and Stronger with Age

Pure clay pots can last for decades provided they are used the right way – on low to medium heat – and with a heat diffuser on electric cooktops. They become fully seasoned when used for cooking water-based recipes the first several times. And they keep getting stronger with use. You will not find any other pressure cooker that can last this long.

  1. Non-toxic Cooking

Unlike metals that are innately reactive and leach toxins into food as it cooks, pure clay is 100% non-toxic. MEC uses no chemicals, glazes, or additives so their pots and pans do not leach toxins.

Therefore they keep your food uncontaminated. Additionally, this maintains the integrity of all the nutrients.

  1. Energy efficient

MEC pots cook with far infrared heat. Why is this important? This type of heat penetrates deep into food, cooking it evenly and thoroughly at low heat. While pressure cooking your favorite food, the heat will take a few minutes to spread throughout the pot’s inside and then cook food much faster. Therefore, your food will be done cooking in the same amount of time or less, but at lower heat. This results in energy savings when you cook regularly in pure clay.

  1. Excellent Steam Management

The most advanced feature of MEC pressure cooker is its ability to manage steam and retain potentially water-soluble nutrients. Thanks to MEC’s ergonomically designed pot and lid, your food can remain rich in water soluble nutrients.

As steam rises from food, it condenses on the inside of the uniquely designed lid. This cooler part of the lid causes the steam to fall back into the food, carrying with it valuable water-soluble nutrients. Water-soluble nutrients include Vitamin C and Vitamin B-complex. They are important to intake daily as they cannot be stored like fat-soluble nutrients. In all other pressure cookers, all the water-soluble nutrients are lost as steam must be released through vents before the lid can be opened. This may be the strongest reason of all to choose an MEC pressure cooker!

The 5 features of an MEC pressure cooker that make them the best among their conventional counterparts are: versatility; durability; and they are non-toxic; energy efficient; and excellent steam and nutrient managers! Your food cooks healthier and more nutritious at low heat and in less time. Wondering how to get your hands on this feature-rich All-Natural pressure cooker? Head over to MEC’s online store and order a pressure cooker pot today! They ship worldwide.

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