Facts About the Takeaway Cravings in the UK

Facts About the Takeaway Cravings in the UK


Facts About the Takeaway Cravings in the UK

Facts About the Takeaway Cravings in the UK

Takeaways are your next best friend for lazy days, parties, or uninformed guests. All you need to do is to decide what you are craving for, search for ‘good takeaways near me’, make a phone call, and place your order, voila you are good to go. A heavenly platter of your favourite food would be brought right at your doorstep. What more could you want?

A study by the University of Cambridge conducted back in 2015 found out that the number of takeaway restaurants multiplied by 45 per cent. In almost every area in the UK, for every 100,000 people, the rate of takeaway food was seen as higher than average in 2018 than in 2010. Imagine what it would be like now because the takeaway game is not coming slow.

While takeaway food may seem as harmless as a feather, there are some hidden takeaway craving facts that you should know about. The next time you order a takeaway, these are some things you should consider.

High intake of Salt

Do you know what makes food so scrumptious? Salt in the food triggers your tastebuds into wanting to come back for more every time. No one likes munching on bland food!

Guess what, your favourite takeaways use an immense amount of it. Is that bad news? Take a look at this. Your body on an average needs around 1.7 grams of minimum intake of salt every day with a maximum of 6 grams. Now if you order a chicken bucket from KFC, it contains 11.5grams in total and a happy meal from Mcdonalds is 8 grams per serving.

If you think it’s nothing about numbers, here is what you should know. While it’s true that salt helps you manage your fluid levels, vascular health and cellular osmosis, however, abusive use of salt would give access to hypertension or worse, a cardiac arrest.

Spending more on takeaway

If you do the math, you would realize that even with all the discounts on takeaway, you tend to spend more than needed on food. It’s alot more than buying your own groceries and making them at home more cleanly and healthily.

Lets say you spend around £5 every day on takeaway food which makes around £150 for 30 days. If you use the same money to buy groceries for an entire month you could be cooking your favorite food in double the quantity with a lesser price, and you get to save it for later too, hence you would be investing a lot less every month.


It is okay to order once in a while but considering your health is more essential than devouring all that fat. Takeaway foods are mass-produced therefore they are high in trans-fat, preservatives, and cholesterol. They don’t care about the health of the customers, they just want their food to taste good and sell well. Not only could be subjected to a weight gain but also risk yourself to vascular or coronary disease.

Sugar Rush

No burger meal is complete without a milkshake or a soda to wash that all down. You are consuming around 94 grams or more of sugar per serving. Do you know what it could do to your body? The rise in blood sugar levels and calorie intake, that’s what it is going to do to you!

Takeaways may seem perfect for you since you don’t have to spend your time and effort cooking in the kitchen, however, we suggest you to trade all the laziness to cooking up healthy food for yourself. Nothing is bad as long as you don’t consume it more than needed, which goes for takeaways, too.

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