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Story Of The Third Fakir – Part 1


Story Of The Third Fakir – Part 1


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Story Of The Third Fakir – Part 1


X Letter Words Images – O Goddess, my story is very unique, hearing which you will also be very sad. The story of these two beggars was not due to their fault, but my eyes that have burst, it burst from my fault. I have hit my eyes, that is, the ax on my feet with my own hands. I would like to tell my story. Command me

Zubaydah commanded to tell his story. The third fakir said that I am the son of a king of a big kingdom, who was powerful and superior in everything. But after the death of my father, I was chosen as the successor of that kingdom. Following the path of my father, I served my state and fulfilled its and my responsibilities.

There were 50 elephants and horses in my kingdom and ships were always available to protect the kingdom. There was an army of thousands. Those who attacked my state also had to think 10 times, such was my state. My kingdom was made up of many cities and lamps, hence it is considered beautiful and powerful and a good place to visit.

Once I wanted to visit the whole city. I want to know about the people of my state, who are so fond of my father and want to know about their sorrows. I got out and was traveling around the state. My desire was awakened to travel in a ship. I got on the ship and ten other ships were with me and they went out to sea. After walking some distance felt very good and happy.

But after a few hours a storm came and we gave up our hope of survival. But the next morning we ran into an island and stopped but we did not know where it was. We collected some food and drink from the island and left.

We were thinking that our country was some distance away but we kept walking far away and I could not see anything. From that I offered a stone to the captain and so that he could reach a distant place from there. He refused by shaking his head and started crying loudly. I asked him the reason for crying, he said, O king, everything is over, now nothing will be left. We will be killed.

I asked him to get down. He got down and said, O king, there is a black magnet mountain far away. This ship is going in the same direction as the wind. All the iron, bars and leaves will come out of this ship and go to the mountain. Iron has accumulated in that mountain of many such ships. That’s why this mountain appears black and is also very big.

An idol was kept in it. Something was written in it. But I did not understand. Lest it happen that this ship explodes and we will be left in the sea again from the ship.

Some magic letters were written in it, which we could not read. Saying that the reason for the attraction power of that mountain is from that idol and that magic letters which attract iron very much.

Saying this the captain started crying and all the people of the ship started crying. I was nervous too. I was also thinking of counting the last breaths of my life because now I was not thinking of any solution. We could not depend on anyone. Everyone started crying.

According to the captain, when it was morning, that means the ship reached in front of that black mountain in the morning. After some time, all the iron objects came out of that ship and started sticking to the mountain, due to which 11 of the 11 ships got immersed in that sea.

From where a piece got caught in my hand and I kept swimming in that water. Swimming, I reached the side of the mountain. Tried to climb that mountain but could not walk. It was a straight and high mountain. Its slope was very straight, due to which I was trying to climb but could not climb.

Somehow I kept climbing that mountain slowly and finally climbed that mountain. The wind was blowing strong and slowly the night was also starting to fall. We had some food left, so I forgot my thirst and hunger and finally slept on the top of that mountain.

An old man appeared to me in the dream and told me that when you wake up, you will find three arrows and a bow if you dig under yourself. Aim at that idol with that bow, so that that idol will fall into the sea and if the idol of the horse in his hand comes to you, then bury it.

There will be a strong storm in the sea. A boat will come to you. Sitting in that boat, through that storm you will go to another place and reach back to your city and your kingdom. But remember, in this whole episode, in this whole action, you should never take the name of God. Otherwise everything will be chaotic.

After this I opened my eyes, I did the same as the old man told and the sea started rising, a strong storm came and a boat came so close to me. I sat in that boat and through a strong storm I reached another place. The brass man sitting in that boat took me to a place where an island was visible and I got excited and started thanking God.

That’s why the boatman and the boat sink him in the sea and I started swimming in that sea. After doing this for many hours I reached near an island but I was tired then a strong wave took me to the island, I quickly climbed to that island and rested for a while, I was very tired and was also feeling hungry. . I saw some fruit trees there and after plucking fruits, drank water and rested.

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