Story Of The King Of The Black Isles – Part 1


Story Of The King Of The Black Isles – Part 1


Going to present before you the unheard and unsolved story of many years ago. A young man who began to tell his story. He said that my father Mehboob used to go to visit the Black Isles. My father had authority over the Black Isles. My father was famous as an eminent person. The town of my village was located on the banks of a pond where colorful fish lived, which was known as the colorful capital.

My father died at the age of 70. After that I took charge of the state. Just as my father used to dedicate his soul towards his state, in the same way, I had resolved myself to run the state by surrendering myself to this state and working with integrity. I loved my father’s brother, that is, my uncle’s daughter. I married him and took my kingdom in a new direction.

After some time, the king realized that the queen did not love him. That means his love for the king has decreased. Knowing this, the king started getting very worried. Once upon a time After the meal the queen went to take a bath when the king went to his bedroom to rest and lay down.

The queen’s maids started fanning the king. The king fell asleep and the king started sleeping in a light sleep. Only then the queen’s maids felt that the king had fallen asleep and they started talking among themselves. Only then the king woke up. But his eyes were closed and he was pretending to be sleeping.

The maid said how the queen cheats on such a gentle and beautiful and sweet natured husband. The second queen said that the queen is very wicked, this should not be done. Again the first queen said don’t know where the queen goes every night? The second queen said yes, I have also seen that she mixes something in Maharaj’s sherbet before sleeping, which makes him sleepy.

The king was listening to all these things but while pretending to sleep, he assumed that he was sleeping. After some time the queen would come back after taking a bath. After some time, when the queen came back after taking bath, I got up. It seemed like I was really falling asleep and I asked Tens to leave. Rani came and sat next to me and started pressing my head.

After that same night after dinner, when Rani brought syrup for me, I threw that syrup across the window avoiding her eyes and gave her cup to Rani, Rani took it away and at night when everyone was asleep, Rani Got up and went away reciting a mantra on my face.

After some time, the queen came out wearing very terrible clothes and from there Maharaj i.e. I also woke up and Maharaj took out his sword from the cupboard and followed the queen. While walking, the queen reached a forest, on whose way many doors came, which were locked, but as soon as the queen came, those locks opened automatically and the queen went ahead.

There was very little distance between the king and the queen, but the king slowly and silently followed the queen and kept watching her secretly while following her. The king saw that the queen passed through a garden and reached a small and dense garden, where But one person was waiting for the queen. As soon as the queen left, she hugged him and started talking loudly to each other.

That person said to the queen, why did you take so long? The queen replied that my body may be there but my body, mind and heart are all yours and remain here. The queen said, you know my powers. How powerful I am. If I wish, I can make this entire city, this entire state, this entire palace a desert and a ruin in a few moments. Apart from birds, wild animals will also roam here. You will not see any human being here.

Here you will not see anything except bushes but you do not care about me that how much I love you. The queen and the lover both came near the bush while walking, where I was watching both of them secretly. I thought he was dead and I left from there in fear but Rani was crying there.

The king had not done anything to the queen that he loved her very much and did not want to hurt her but he was very angry with her and he went back to his palace and lay down in the bedroom. In the morning, when Raj found the queen sleeping in his room, he understood. He immediately got up and started preparing to go to his kingdom court.

Wearing his royal clothes, he went to the royal court and after completing the whole day’s work, when he came back, he saw that the queen was crying in black clothes. Hair was disheveled. There was a big bindi on the forehead with kajal on the eyes. It seemed that he was doing something like black magic. I asked Rani or how are you behaving. Rani replied that today I have received three bad messages. That’s why I’m mourning three condolence messages.




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