Boyfriend Pakka Selfish Hay Remix Song Video Editing

Boyfriend Pakka Selfish Hay Remix Song Video Editing || Alight Motion Video Editing || New Style Editing


Boyfriend Pakka Selfish Hay Remix Song Video Editing || Alight Motion Video Editing || New Style Editing


Boyfriend Pakka Selfish Hay Remix Song Video Editing
Boyfriend Pakka Selfish Hay Remix Song Video Editing


The story of the Iranian emperor Badr and the princess of Shamandal ( Part – 2 )


Seeing whom he understood that this is the same beautiful woman for whom I was going crazy. Then he immediately went to meet that girl and after going there Badr told all the things to Jawahar. Jawahar became very angry after hearing Badra’s words and he transformed Bhadra into a bird with his magic.

King Badr said that if you do not say anything, then I will give my life and you will get the punishment that a king has died because of you. Hearing the words of the king, I was slowly getting pleased, seeing which the king understood that that beautiful woman could speak.

And she is telling me something. The beautiful woman told that you have done me a great favor, for which I will not be able to repay for the rest of my life. I was just wondering how I can express my gratitude to you. After which the king was very happy to hear about Bhadra Sundari.

The beautiful lady told the king that you are about to become a father. Hearing this, the king was very happy and he decided to give a lot of money to the whole kingdom. After which he asked that beautiful lady that you tell me where have you come from? And what do your parents do?

That beautiful girl told that Maharaj, I am the daughter of the great king of the ocean. My father’s name was Aseen. He was a great king of the ocean and my name is Gul Anar Aasin. We were living very happily in our kingdom that suddenly one day the king of another sea attacked us.

and usurped the entire kingdom of the people. They even killed our father. After which we got out of our own state. Me and my brother and my mother all three escaped after saving their lives. After wandering here and there for a few days, my brother told me to leave from here.

And go and marry some guy. I got very angry with my brother and started saying that I should not marry and that too I hate the people living in the land. But my brother was not ready to listen to me and he had already decided that he would marry me to anyone.

I escaped from there after saving my life and after wandering here and there I reached an island. Where a person saw me and he took me with him. He wanted to have sex with me but I killed him and ran away saving my life.

After traveling some distance, I found a merchant who brought me to you and sold it here. The king was very happy listening to the beautiful woman, he told the whole kingdom that Gul Anar would be the mistress of Iran from today. Within a few days, Gul Anar Asin gave birth to a boy, after which the king named him after himself.

Then Gulle told the king that I want to call my mother and brother also here. The king said that you can definitely call them here. Then the mistress of Iran told the king that you go out so that I can call my mother and brother. After which the Empress of Iran came and threw a sandalwood in the sea.

And soon after seeing a boy and an old woman came out from inside that sea, seeing which the queen was very happy because she was her mother and brother. They welcomed him loudly but the king was scared seeing all this and he stood behind silently watching all this.

The queen’s mother expressed her desire to meet the king and started saying that he did not respect me. Due to which she started getting angry. Due to being angry, fire was coming out of his nose, seeing which the king was afraid that these people would let me do something. Then the Queen of Iran went to the king and started saying that my brother and my mother want to meet you.

But the king was scared. He said that fire is coming out of his mouth. The Queen of Iran said that you do not be afraid at all. She wants to meet you, after which the Queen of Iran introduced the king to her mother and brother. Soon after, they got very close to each other.

After wandering here and there for a few days in the form of a bird, a hunter caught it and he took it with him to his house and started saying that I will earn a lot of money by selling it to the king. The hunter did what he thought.

He immediately went to his emperor and gave it to the bird, which was Badr. The king was also very happy to see him and he immediately bought that bird and gave a lot of money to the hunter and took this bird with him to his room. There was a maid in the emperor’s palace who knew magic.

She immediately saw the bird and knew that it was a man. He immediately found out who it was. Then he told his emperor that this is the king of Iran, its name is Badr. He narrated the whole incident with Badr to his emperor. The king ordered his maid to bring it back in human form.

Following the orders of the emperor, she brought Badr back in her form. Badr was very happy after coming back in his form and thanked the emperor. After spending a few days in the emperor’s palace, Badr left for his home.

After walking here and there for a few days and reached a place where he was caught by a queen who used to make people animals by having sex with them. She also did what she used to do to everyone. He first had sex with Badr Badr and then he made her a boob. His kingdom was a little far from Iran.

A man worked in his court, who knew Badr’s mother. He immediately went and told everything to Badr’s mother. After which Badr’s mother saved Badr from the clutches of that wicked and brought him back in her human form. After which he married Bhadra to Jawahar with pomp. Jawahar also apologized for the crime he had done to Badr. After which Badr forgave her and happily accepted it.

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