Lord Shiva's army

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Lord Shiva’s Army

Lord Shiva's army


Lord Shiva’s Army


All Latest Images There were two powerful demons – Hiranyakashipu and Hiranyaksha. These two were brothers. Both of them conquered Indraloka by attacking the gods. But the speed of time is strong. Hiranyaksha was killed in a boat accident and Hiranyakashipu was killed by Narasimha Deva. After the death of Hiranyakashipu, his son Prahlad ascended the throne, but Lord Bhakta Prahlad was defeated by Hiranyaksha’s son Andhaka and snatched the kingdom from him.

Andhaka took Prahlad captive and himself became the king of the Asuras. Andhak had an old hatred for the gods in his mind. He increased the strength of his army and started preparing to attack Amaravati. When Indra came to know about this, he got worried. Indra knew that the gods alone were not powerful enough to face Andhaka and his vast army. That is why Indra decided that he should call the majestic sons of Manu to his aid. At that time there was a majestic king like Daksha Prajapati on earth.

Indra called Narad Ji and said – ‘Narad Ji, you go to Ashwini Kumar and Daksha Prajapati. Clouds of calamity surround the gods. Tell them to help us in this war.’

The capital of Prajapati Daksha was on the banks of the great river Saraswati. Narada and his companions reached there. It was evening He came to know that at this time Daksha along with his eldest daughter Sati and wife Veerini has gone for a walk on the Saraswati bank. Devarshi Narad thought – ‘I have an important job. Sitting in the palace and waiting will be delayed.’ That is why he started walking towards the river bank to meet Daksha.

After walking some distance, he saw a handsome man walking on the bank of the river, an old man and a young woman walking beside him. Seeing the beauty of the girl, Atirath said – ‘Narada Ji, how did this girl, the best among Apsaras, come here?’ Narad Ji laughed and said – ‘Friend, this Prajapati is the eldest daughter of Daksha, Sati. It is going to be married in a few days. Don’t know who will be lucky, and the other is Veerini, wife of Daksha.’

Saying this, Narad Ji went ahead and went after Daksha and said – ‘Daksha Prajapati, I have come from Devlok, Narada.

Daksha asked- ‘Say, Devraj Indra is skilled. What is the condition of Amravati? Narad Ji said – ‘Devraj is efficient, but a crisis is hovering over Indralok. That is why I have come here with the message of Indra.

After this Narad Ji, while talking about the possible danger of Andhak’s attack, said – ‘The gods have lost him in a war. He keeps on moving forward again.

Daksha said- ‘It will be my good fortune to help Indra. I will definitely go with the army. Daksha was the only hope, who agreed, then Narad Ji said that we have also called other kings of the earth. Who is it in your eyes, whose help is necessary for us.’


Daksha said- ‘There is a unique person, whose influence is great on the people. He is known as Shiva. All human beings worship him as Godhead. There is no one greater than him in austerity, intellect and yoga. If they agree to help Indra, then the gods will surely win.’

‘I am sure that Narada will definitely be able to do this work.’ Atirath said.

Daksha smiled and said – ‘I am well aware of the qualities of Narad Ji, but you do not know Shiva. He is a great pundit. He is also a great craftsman. He has got many achievements. His city Kashi is the unique city of this earth. Asuras, Nagas, Yakshas and Gandharvas worship him.”

Daksha’s words had an impact on everyone. Sati asked- “Father, if such a person helps us, victory is sure.”

Narad Ji expressed doubt- “I have heard the name of Shiva, but he is biased towards the Asuras.”

“No, it is not so. Shiva is different from the Devas and the Asuras. The Devas are afraid of them. That’s why they live apart from them. ‘ Daksh said.

Sati again asked- ‘Why did the gods not please her?

Hearing this, Daksha became serious. Said- ‘The gods remained immersed in ego. But it is true that if Shiva is pleased, then the Devasura struggle will end forever.

Daksha did not know the effect of his words on Sati. In fact Sati was unknowingly getting attracted towards Shiva after hearing the greatness of Shiva.

Narad ji said to Daksha – ‘Prajapati! I will try my best to turn Shiva towards the gods. But tell me where will Shiva be found? Shall we go to Kashi?

Daksha said- ‘You go towards Kashi. Do you know if you meet Shiva on the way? People say this is that remember Shiva in your mind, then he is found.

Devarshi Narada along with his companions left for Kashi. There was a dense forest ahead. Often at one place many men and women surrounded him. In his hands were sharp-edged weapons. Daksha had sent one of his servants with them to show the way. His name was Karanth. Karanth said to them in their own language – ‘We are your friends. We are the devotees of the great Yogiraj Shiva. going to meet them.

On hearing the name of Shiva, they lowered their weapons. Then their chief asked- ‘Why are you people going to Shiva?

Narad Ji said to the chief – ‘We have got a serious objection. We have come to seek Shiva’s help. Where will we find Shiva?

The chief said – ‘I don’t even know this. Still, I pass on the message of you people to the habitation. May this message reach Shiva.’ And it really happened here too. The next day they were in a settlement, when the slogan ‘Jai Mahadev’ resonated. Narada saw that a brilliant man wearing a tiger was walking with a trident in his hand. There was so much dripping from his huge eyes that his eyes suddenly bowed down. On seeing him, all the living beings bowed down on the ground and bowed to him.


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Shiva went ahead and went to Narad Ji and said – ‘Say Narada, how did you come? Narad Ji folded his hands and said – ‘God! A terrible calamity is coming upon the gods. Indra has sent me. You yourself protect the gods.

Hearing this, Shiva laughed and said – ‘The gods have now remembered this human world after defeating Hiranyaksha and Hiranyakashipu.’

Narada bowed his head after listening to Lord Shiva. Shiva then said – ‘I know that the Asuras have become unjust after getting power. But remember – this earth belongs to everyone. Vedas, Asuras, human beings will all live together on this earth.

Narad Ji said – ‘We also want the same God!

Shiva laughed again and said – ‘Narada, the darkest of times has danced on him. I will go to war. Saying this Shiva left. It is not known where they disappeared in a moment.

Soon the two armies met in a vast valley. Andhak had brought a huge army. On the other hand, the power of the gods was also not less. Shiva’s trident had drank the blood of many warriors, his army entered the enemy army like ghosts. They were committing horrific massacres. Then Shiva pointed towards Indra. Indra came immediately. Shiva said – ‘Devraj, killing so much is pointless. Our aim is to defeat the enemy. Don’t shed blood in vain.

Nothing came to Indra’s understanding. Shiva left the trident and lifted the bow. Then he said – where is the darkness? Tell me.’

Seeing the fierce form of Shiva, Indra also trembled. Said- ‘God, he should put a crown on a horse like lightning, which is roaming fast and killing, that is the darkness. But he is far away. Aiming is difficult.

Shiva smiled and looked at Indra. Then pulled the string and released the arrow. The arrow leaped like a bird and in a moment Andhak’s head started rolling on the ground.

The war ended. Indra was pleased. He went with the gods to thank Shiva, but only then he came to know that Shiva had disappeared with his army.

After this war all the gods gathered. Everyone appreciated and thanked Daksha Prajapati for his bravery in the Devasura battle.

Devarshi Narad said – ‘Devraj! We should not thank Daksha Prajapati, but Lord Shiva. We got victory in the war because of him.

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