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Insuranceline Pet Insurance Review ( 5086 )


Insuranceline Pet Insurance Review

Insuranceline Pet Insurance Review

Insuranceline Pet Insurance Insuranceline offers pet insurance for cats and dogs and they also offer life, income and funeral insurance for people. Their pet health insurance plans are issued by Hollard and administered by PetSure. Hollard and PetSure are the dominant names in the Australian pet insurance market.

What we like about Insuranceline Pet Insurance

• Insuranceline pet insurance products offer a solid set of benefits, including 80% coverage of eligible vet expenses with a choice of three excess amounts:  $0, $100 or $250.
• You’ll also gain peace of mind from a $10,000 annual benefit cap, which may help you avoid making difficult financial decisions should your best friend ever suffer a life threatening accident or illness.
• Like many others in the industry, Insuranceline offers three levels of coverage to best fit your budget:   Accidental injury, accidental injury and Illness, and comprehensive coverage including routine care.
• Insuranceline pet insurance is competitively priced, with its premium being below average in our pet insurance premium comparison.

A few things to consider

• TAL, the promoter of Insuranceline, was subject to an ASIC action in December 2015 for misleading television advertisements promoting income protection insurance.
• Insuranceline could provide more information on their website such as the sub limits that apply and the discount that is currently being offered for multiple pets.

Ensure you read Insuranceline’s product disclosure statement carefully and ask any questions before taking out any insurance.

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