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Story – Guru-Dakshina


Once a disciple politely asked his Guru Ji – Guru Ji, some people say that life is a struggle, some others say that life is a game, and some call life a festival.

Which of these is correct? Guruji immediately replied very patiently – ‘Son, life is a struggle for those who have not found a Guru;

For those who have found a Guru, their life is a game, and for those who follow the path shown by the Guru, only they can muster the courage to name life a festival. The disciple was not completely satisfied even after hearing this answer.
Guru ji realized this. He started saying, let me tell you a story in this context. If you listen carefully, you will be able to find the answer to your own question, the story he told,

She was like this – Once upon a time three disciples in a Gurukul, after completing their studies, begged their Guru Ji to tell them that they should be given Guru Dakshina,

What do you want from them, Guruji first smiled softly and then started saying very affectionately – I want a bag full of dry leaves for Gurudakshina from you, will you be able to bring?’

All three of them were very happy because they felt that they would be able to fulfill the wish of their guru Ji very easily, dry leaves are scattered everywhere in the forest.

He enthusiastically said in one voice – Sir, as you have ordered, now those three disciples had reached a nearby forest while walking, but seeing that there were only a handful of dry leaves,

To their surprise, they wondered who would have picked up the dry leaves from the forest? Just then, he saw a farmer coming from afar, he reached to him,

Begging him humbly that he should give him only a bag full of dry leaves, now that farmer, apologizing to him,

Told them that he could not help them as he had already used dry leaves as fuel

Now, the three of them started moving towards a nearby village with the hope that someone in that village might be able to help them. When they reached there, they saw a merchant, and with great hope, a bag filled with dry Started praying to give the leaves, but once again he was disappointed because the merchant did,

Already, some had made and sold dry leaves to earn money, but the merchant generously told them the address of an old mother who used to collect dry leaves.

But fate did not support her here too because that old mother used to separate those leaves and make many types of medicines.

Now all three of them returned empty-handed.

‘Gurudev, we could not fulfill your wish, we thought that dry leaves must be scattered everywhere in the forest, but it is very surprising how many people use them too.

Guruji then smiled like before and said lovingly – why are you disappointed, be happy and this knowledge that even dry leaves are not in vain, but they also have many uses;

Give me as a Gurudakshina, the three disciples happily went towards their respective homes after paying obeisance to Guruji.

Now it is well known to me that what you want to say, your indication is in fact on this site and not when dry leaves available everywhere are not useless or useless, then how can we,

Can you despise any object or person as small and unimportant? From ant to elephant and from needle to sword, everyone has their own importance.

Guruji also immediately said – ‘Yes, son, this is what I mean to say that whenever we meet someone, we should try our best to give him due respect so that there is affection, goodwill,

My sympathy and tolerance continue to expand and our life can become a celebration instead of a struggle, secondly, if life is considered a game, then it will be better that we deflect,

Participate in the healthy and calm competition and try tirelessly to take your performance and construction to the top of the height. Now the disciple was completely satisfied.

Ultimately, I want to say that if we evaluate this story on all three levels – mind, word, and deed, then this story will stand true. He does not dare to hurt and this energy of his takes away all the obstacles in the path of his effort, the biggest ‘festival’ of our life is the effort, it is the opinion of the scholars.

Story – Put the Glass Down


A professor started the class holding a glass full of water in his hand. He lifted it up and showed it to all the students and asked, “What do you think will be the weight of the glass?” ‘ 50gm….100gm… 125gm’… the students replied.

I can’t tell its exact weight until I weigh it,” said the professor. But my question is: what happens if I hold this glass for a while? ‘Nothing’… said the students.

‘Well, what if I keep lifting it like this for an hour?’, asked the professor. ‘Your hand will start hurting’, said a student.

“You’re right, what will happen if I carry it like this all day?” Your arm may go numb, you may have severe muscle tension, paralysis, and you may have to go to the hospital for sure” … said a student, and everyone else laughed…

“Very good, but did the weight of the glass change during this time?” The professor asked. The answer came… “No”

“Then why the pain in the hand and the tension in the muscles?” The students were astounded.

Then the professor asked, “Now what should I do to get rid of the pain?” “Put down the glass! One student said.

” Correct!” Professor said. Life’s problems are also similar. Keep them in your mind for some time and you will feel that everything is fine. Think about them for a long time and you will start feeling pain.

And keep them in your mind for a long time and they will start paralyzing you. And you won’t be able to do anything.

It is important to think about the challenges and problems in your life, but even more important is to put them down at the end of the day before going to sleep.

You will not be stressed, you will wake up every day with strength and freshness and will be able to face any challenge that comes your way.


Story – You are a human, not an elephant!


A man was passing somewhere when he saw elephants tied on the side of the road and suddenly stopped. He saw that a rope was tied on the front leg of the elephants,

He was astonished that giant creatures like elephants were tied with a small rope instead of chains of iron.

It was clear that elephants could break their bonds whenever they wanted and go anywhere, but for some reason, they were not doing so.

He asked the mahout standing nearby that how are these elephants standing so peacefully and not trying to run away? Then the mahout said, “These elephants are tied with these ropes from the small,

At that time they do not have enough power to break this bond. Due to not being able to break the rope even after repeated attempts, they gradually become convinced that the vines cannot break the ropes, and even as they grow up, their belief remains,

That’s why they never try to break it.” The man was astonished that these mighty animals could not break their bond just because they believed in it.

. Like these elephants, how many of us believe that we cannot do this work just because of our earlier failures and spend our whole life trapped in our own mental chains.

Remember failure is a part of life and success is achieved only by continuous effort. If you are also tied in such a bond that is preventing you from making your dreams come true, break it….. you are not an elephant but a human being.


Story – Butterfly’s Clash


Once a man while walking in his garden saw a cocoon of a butterfly hanging from a branch. Now every day that man started seeing her,

And one day he noticed that a small hole has formed in that cocoon. That day he sat there and kept looking at her for hours.

She saw that the butterfly was trying very hard to get out of that shell, but even after trying for a long time, she could not come out of that hole, and then she became completely calm as if she had given up.

So the man decided that he would help that butterfly. He picked up a scissor and widened the opening of the cocoon so that the butterfly could easily get out, and that’s what happened,

The butterfly came out easily without any further struggle, but its body was swollen, and its wings were dry. The man kept looking at the butterfly thinking that at any time it would spread its wings and start flying.

But nothing of the sort happened. On the contrary, the poor butterfly could never fly and she had to spend the rest of her life dragging around.

That man could not understand in his kindness and haste that in fact, nature has made the process of getting out of the cocoon so difficult.

So that by doing this the liquid present in the butterfly’s body can reach its wings and it can fly as soon as it comes out of the hole. In fact, sometimes struggle in our life is what we really need.

If we start getting everything without any struggle, then we too will become like a cripple. Without hard work and struggle, we can never become as strong as we are capable of.

Therefore, look at the difficult moments in life with a positive attitude, they will teach you something that will make the flight of your life possible.


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