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Defining Catering in Brisbane


Defining Catering in Brisbane

Defining Catering in Brisbane

Having food catered for your special events from lunch boxes to banquet style is provided by a catering business. In Brisbane, serving food for a small gathering to up to 500 people in a ballroom setting can be provided by catering for Brisbane.

  1. Caterers and their Basic Services

Serving cold or hot food to the remote locations of their various clients is what catering is all about. Hiring the services of a catering company presents several options: You can tell them to prepare hot and gourmet meals on-site You can have the chosen menu served in chafing dishes You can let them serve party snacks, cheese, and meats platters For high-profile occasions, catering companies send their employees on-site such as chefs and servers. For small gatherings or business meetings, cold food servings, furniture, and drinks can be brought by a catering business on-site minus the presence of their employees.

  1. Various types of Catering

There are several types of catering and knowing more about them is the best way to decide on the one you need for your special event.

Industrial Catering

Industrial catering is basic catering that serves everyday settings such as office cafeterias, schools, commercial airlines, and prisons. This least glamorous catering works regularly by letting their employees maintain and oversee equipment, supplies, and food served in the designated locations.

Full-service Private Catering

All kinds and manner of special celebrations from weddings, corporate business affairs, and graduation parties are handled by full-service catering services. A client’s plan, decor, menu, and theme will be discussed and assisted by a sales representative of the chosen catering company. The catering company will handle all kinds of food preparation, on-site set-up, and employment of bartenders and servers. The food preference of the client will be handled by a cook specifically hired by the catering company. Entertainment can also be provided by full-service catering services.

The areas that full-service catering services cover include:

  1. Ballrooms
  2. Cruise ships
  3. Banquet halls
  4. Schools
  5. Casinos
  6. Other venues preferred by the client.

Per head is usually the rate of full-service caterers to cover services and food.

  1. Transportable or Mobile Catering

Transportable catering such as food carts and taco trucks can move from one area to another. Their customers are the people living or working in the location they currently serve food. They may serve food fares such as burgers, sandwiches, drinks, and more.

Similar to a restaurant, transportable caterers are subject to health inspections. They need to be licensed as well to allow them to serve food and drinks to their various clients.

The client base usually dictates the hours of service and the type of food served. During the day, a mobile food truck can serve construction and office workers a range of snacks and lunches.

Other locations that mobile caterers service include: Locations with high human traffic such as parks, beach fronts, and more Concert venues Other special public events mobile catering can be hired to serve food for occasions such as work lunches and business meetings. They are the least expensive to handle food serving with minimal staff required.

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