Story – No One Gets So Much Pain In Love ( Top Story 2022 )


Story – No One Gets So Much Pain In Love

No One Gets So Much Pain In Love


Story – No One Gets So Much Pain In Love


Happy Independence Day Words Images – Alphabets A To Z Aditya, a bit average in studies and a bit crude in terms of girls, met him happily in 11th standard. Khushi was a girl who was good at studies and very thinking about her future

Gradually, by the end of the 11th, they had become good friends and on the 12th Aditya happily expressed his love but Khushi refused and explained to him with great love.

That this will spoil the life of both of us because we will neither be able to study in class nor at home, Aditya felt a little bad about Khushi but then he understood that Khushi is right.

And started focusing on her future and studies and now Aditya did not talk to any girl even with happiness because he felt that whenever he talks happily

Then she did not like it because a few days ago Khushi was her crush and today she had rejected him and Aditya came first in the whole school by working hard in his intermediate examination ignoring all these things.


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Later, Aditya started doing B. Tech from a college in Delhi and even there he did not talk to any girl because whatever things Khushi had said to him, it was in his heart.

And whenever a girl came to talk to him, he would turn his face, he gradually became better in his studies and by the time he came to the last, he also came in the list of top 10 in his college.

And he also got placement from the college and went to Mumbai again to do the job. Mumbai is a very big city where the people of one locality do not know the other locality.

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When Aditya went to the office, he saw happiness there but now there was no place in his heart for happiness and that is why he kept hiding happily every time.

Not because he was angry with her, but because he did not want to come again in the life of happiness, but he says that no one can go in front of God’s will.

One day Khushi saw Aditya in the office canteen and went to him and started talking to him, Aditya also had no option but to talk to Khushi.

Aditya And Khushi’s Incomplete Love

Whatever pain they had in their hearts for the last 4 years, they told each other and talked a lot, Khushi told about her journey after separating from her and asked Aditya about her.

After Aditya started feeling somewhere that Khushi was not wrong and Aditya again falls in love with Khushi, a few days pass and the friendship both becomes even deeper.

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And one day suddenly Aditya while talking to Khushi expresses his love to her but Khushi again refuses and when Aditya asks her the reason for this, she tells that her marriage is fixed.

And after a month, she will leave this job. When Aditya came to know about this, he broke down once again, after which he could not control himself and left a letter for Khushi and Khushi reads the letter in which it was written–

my dear happiness,
I love you very much but maybe you are not in my life that’s why I have lost you twice how can any person be so unlucky to lose his love twice I don’t know that I can stay away from you I will not be able to, but if I see you marry someone else, I will not be able to live for sure, so I am going to leave both you and this city, maybe you forget me but after meeting for the second time I will never be able to forget you,  I will pray to God to keep you and your future husband happy always.
your love Aditya.

After reading the letter, Khushi started crying and searched for Aditya a lot but he could not be found anywhere later Khushi married Abhishek for the happiness of her family.

But even today, this thing always haunts Khushi in what condition Aditya must have been said, even though she does not even know whether Aditya is alive or not, on one side Khushi keeps choking inside.

But on the other hand, she is also a perfect daughter-in-law, perfect wife, and perfect mother whom her family always loves and will always love.

We don’t know whether Khushi did wrong or right by rejecting Aditya in 12th standard or on job time, but Aditya proved that he really loved Khushi and Khushi may realize this now. And that is why Khushi has not been able to forgive herself to date.


if everyone got
Destination in your love ||
So surely in the dark of night
No one writes sad poetry.


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