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Bedtime Stories


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Bedtime Stories


Bedtime Stories


Story – Sun’s Marriage

It was a hot day. Suddenly people on earth heard the news from Sun that marriage is going to happen soon. Everyone was very happy.

The frogs were also very happy and started jumping in the water. An old frog came on top of the water and started explaining to all the frogs that it is not a matter of happiness but of sadness,
“My friends! Why are you guys being so happy? Is this really news to celebrate? A single sun burns us with its heat.

Just imagine, what will happen to us when this sun has a dozen children. Our suffering will increase manifold and we will not be able to survive. ,


Story – Monkey And Crocodile

A monkey and a crocodile were friends. The crocodile’s mother found the monkey’s heart very tasty. He asked the crocodile to bring him the monkey’s heart.

The crocodile said to the monkey, “The fruits of that island are ripe. I’ll take you there.” The monkey’s mouth started watering.

He jumped up and sat on the crocodile’s back. Both headed towards the island. On the way, the crocodile said, “My mother wants to eat your heart and I am taking you to her.”

The monkey started thinking silently. After a while, he said, “Oh, but I have left my heart on the tree.

If you want my heart, take me back there.” The clever monkey made the point.

The foolish crocodile brought the monkey back to the bank of the river. As they reached the shore, the monkey jumped up and climbed the tree and was saved. ( Hidden Face DP For Girls )


Story – Hen And Cat

Once upon a time, there was a very clever chicken. One day she fell ill and was lying in her nest. Then a cat came to see him.

Entering her nest, the cat said, “My friend, what happened to you? can I do you some help?

If you want something, tell me, and I will get it. Do you need anything now?”

The hen listened to the loving words of the cat. He sensed danger. She said, “Yes, absolutely.

Do one thing for me. Get out of here I’m sick and don’t want to take any risk by inviting an unwanted guest.”


Story – The Swan And The Silly Turtle

Once upon a time. A tortoise and two swans were very good friends. For a year it didn’t rain at all and the pond in which they lived dried up.

The tortoise made a plan and said to the swans, “Bring a wood. I’ll clench it with my teeth in the middle and you guys burrow into your beaks on the bank of it and fly away and then the three of us will go to another pond.” Hans agreed.

He warned the tortoise, “You have to keep your mouth shut the whole time. Otherwise, you will fall straight to the earth and die.”

The tortoise immediately agreed. When everything was ready, the swan took off with the turtle. On the way, some people saw the swan and the tortoise. They 1. Excited and started shouting, “Look how clever these swans are. They are also taking the tortoise with them.” The turtle did not live. He wanted to tell those people that this thought had come to his mind.

He spoke but as soon as he opened his mouth, the wood left his mouth and he fell straight to the ground. Had he controlled his ego, he too would have reached the new pond safely.

Story – Story Of Lightning And Storm

Long ago, lightning and storms lived among humans on earth. The king had kept them away from human habitation.

Lightning was the daughter of Storm. Whenever lightning got angry over something, it would fall on a house and burn it, destroy a tree, or destroy the crop of the field. She also used to burn human beings with her fire.

Whenever Lightning did this, his father would try to stop him by thunder. But the electricity was very insolent. She didn’t listen to her father’s advice at all. Even the constant roar of the storm became a headache for man. He went and complained to the king.

The king found his complaint justified. They ordered Toofan and his daughter Bijli to leave the city immediately and go to a faraway forest to live. But even this did not solve the problem.

When the lightning was angry, he would burn the trees of the forest. Sometimes it would also damage the nearby fields. The man could not tolerate this either. He again complained to the king.

The king got very angry. He removed the storm and lightning from the earth and commanded them to remain in the sky, from where they could not do as much harm to man as they did while on earth.


Story – Pigs And Boys

Two urban boys forgot their way. It was getting dark, so they were forced to stay at an inn. He suddenly fell asleep in the middle of the night.

He heard a voice coming from a nearby room – ‘Tomorrow morning, boil water in a pot. I want to kill those two children.

The blood of both the boys froze. ‘Oh my God!’ they murmured, ‘the owner of this inn is a murderer!’ They immediately decided to run away. He jumped out of the window of the room.

But on reaching outside, he found that the door was locked outside. In the end, they decided to hide in the pigs’ shed.

He spent the whole night awake. In the morning the owner of the inn came to the pigs’ shed. Sharpened a big knife and cried – “Come on, my dear children, your last hour has arrived!

Both the boys, trembling with fear, fell at the feet of the owner of the inn and started pleading. The owner of the inn was astonished to see this. Then asked, “What’s the matter?” “We heard you tell someone in the night that in the morning you are going to put us to death.” The boys replied.

The owner of the inn laughed hearing this, “Stupid boys! I was not talking about you guys. I said about two little pigs, which I call that.

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Moral of Kids Story – One should never listen to the words of others without knowing the whole thing.


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