Boyfriend Pakka Selfish Hay Remix Song Video Editing

Boyfriend Pakka Selfish Hay Remix Song Video Editing || Alight Motion Video Editing || New Style Editing


Boyfriend Pakka Selfish Hay Remix Song Video Editing || Alight Motion Video Editing || New Style Editing

Boyfriend Pakka Selfish Hay Remix Song Video Editing
Boyfriend Pakka Selfish Hay Remix Song Video Editing


The story of the Iranian emperor Badr and the princess of Shamandal ( Part – 1 )


Hello friends hello Welcome to the series of stories by Alif Laila. Today we have brought you Alif Laila, the story of the famous Iranian emperor Badr and Shamandal’s princess Alif Laila. You will read this story till the end.

In ancient times there used to be a very big country called Iran. Many merchants and very big kings used to live inside that country. There used to be a very big king Badr in the same country of Iran, who was very powerful and very strong.

Even the kings of big countries used to worship him. In his kingdom, everyone lived with great joy and had a lot of fun. Everyone loved him very much. King Badr had done many marriages and had kept many maidservants or maidservants.

The king was very worried about only one thing, about which he used to be very sad that he did not have any children. He always used to think that who will take care of my administration after my death? He used to be very worried about this matter. Then suddenly one day in his kingdom a merchant had brought a beautiful woman from far away to sell.

When the king came to know about this, he immediately called that beautiful girl to his court and started telling the merchant that from where did you bring the beautiful girl? Show me its face, following the king’s orders, the merchant told that Maharaj has brought this girl from the city of Bandi.

After which the merchant showed the face of that beautiful girl to King Badr. Seeing the beautiful girl’s face, King Badr was fascinated by her and immediately seeing that merchant ten thousand gold coins, bought that beautiful woman and told all her maids to take good care of her by taking the beautiful girl. Go.

And it should not be allowed to lack anything. She must have been tired while traveling, after which we will meet her only after a couple of days. After passing two or four days, when King Badr went to meet that beautiful girl, then King Badr was very surprised to see the beautiful girl.

And was fascinated by her beauty, after which he should talk to that girl, but she did not answer anything about the beautiful girl, seeing that the king felt that she must be ashamed and in a short time the king asked that girl started falling in love with

But even after asking many questions of the king, that girl did not give any answer. The king got very worried that and started asking the other beautiful woman why are you behaving like this?, why are you not talking to me?, can you speak right? I wish that the child born from both of us will take the state forward.

After some time, the king’s son gradually grew up and he became proficient in everything. Seeing this, King Bhadra and his wife became very happy, in a few days, the king’s son became very big. The king handed over his kingdom to him.

And he started spending his time in worship. The king’s son was handling the kingdom very well and soon after seeing Badr’s father’s health deteriorated, he died. Then the king’s son performed the last rites of his father with great pomp and came back to his kingdom and started handling the kingdom.

A few days passed, when his mother told her brother that your nephew has become eligible for marriage. Badr was very surprised to hear the words of his mother and his maternal uncle and he silently listened to both of them. He heard his uncle saying that I know a very beautiful girl, who would be very nice to our nephew.

She is the daughter of the king of a very large kingdom, Shandabad. It looks very beautiful and soft but there is a problem. The king is very evil. Will you be ready to marry your girl to our nephew? Then the Queen of Iran said that I know him, he will agree.

And saying all this, both the people left from there. Badr saw the image of some beautiful girl hiding from his mother, seeing which he was very much fascinated and started getting lost in her thoughts day and night. He took them on a hunt to tell his uncle his complete condition.

After which there Badr asked his maternal uncle that you take me to the place where she is a beautiful girl because I can no longer live without her. Then his uncle explained to him that I cannot take you there. You stay at your grandmother’s house and I will go to that king to ask for his daughter’s hand.

He was very happy to hear from his maternal uncle and he went with them to his maternal grandmother’s house and Badr’s maternal uncle with his army and lots of money and many things went towards the kingdom of the king of Shandabad for his nephew. The name of the king’s girl was Jawahar.

After reaching the kingdom of that evil king, Badr’s maternal uncle gave many things and a lot of money to the king as a gift and started saying that I have come to ask for your daughter’s hand for my nephew. Hearing this, the king became very angry.

And he decided to take Bhadra’s maternal uncle as a prisoner. Badr’s maternal uncle also attacked his kingdom and after a few days of war the evil king was defeated. Then he ordered his servants to go and bring the beautiful girl when all the servants went to pick her up.

So she was not in the room because that king had already driven Jawahar away from there. Seeing all this, Bhadra’s maternal uncle became very worried and said that what face he will show to his nephew? That’s why I came here. Slowly a few days passed. When Badr’s maternal uncle did not return, Badr himself decided to go.

And he left from there, after wandering here and there in the water for a few days, he lost his way. After which he reached such an island, where Jawahar was also staying, he reached it and saw that many girls are sitting in front of a beautiful girl surrounded from all sides.


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