5 Best Sleep Specialist in Minneapolis ( 5013 )


5 Best Sleep Specialist in Minneapolis

AdaptHealth Minnesota LLC

AdaptHealth Minnesota LLC is a system of full-service medical device companies that use customized products and services to help patients live their best lives, both outside the hospital and at home. They help patients live their best lives by providing a comprehensive range of products, services, and consumables.

They are a leading innovator in home healthcare, providing world-class services and superior technology to improve patient lives while reducing overall healthcare costs. At AdaptHealth, they make a positive difference in the lives of patients and their team members.


Sleep Therapy, Respiratory Therapy, Diabetes Supplies, & More


Address: 800 East 28th St Suite Ck1810, Minneapolis, MN 55407
Phone: (612) 863-5967
Website: www.adapthealth.com/minnesota


“Jeff is the best sleep specialist I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with.” – William “Bill” H.

Whitney Sleep Center

Whitney Sleep Center realizes the unique needs of insomniacs. Their family-owned business strives to prioritize your concerns, answer your questions, and help you improve your sleep and overall health through their treatments.

They specialize in the treatment of conditions such as sleep Apnea, narcolepsy, insomnia, parasomnia, restless leg syndrome, and snoring. Treating sleep disorders can reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, car accidents, and more.


Physician Consultations, Overnight Sleep Studies, Home Sleep Testing, & More


Address: 2700 Campus Dr Suite 100, Minneapolis, MN 55441
Phone: (763) 519-0634
Website: www.whitneysleepcenter.com


“As far as sleep studies go, this place was great. They were very accommodating when I needed to change my schedule. They made sure my insurance was all lined up.
Information during the study was explained very well. The room was actually comfy and cozy. The follow-up with Dr. Whitney was succinct and well explained.” – Britt R.

Lakeland Sleep & CPAP

Lakeland Sleep & CPAP is a full-service sleep diagnosis and treatment facility operating as an independent sleep disorder clinic in Minnesota, serving CPAP users nationwide. They were founded in 2002 with a duty to help people sleep better and live healthier, higher quality lives. With four convenient locations, they have conducted over 20,000 sleep studies and helped over 10,000 people with their CPAP therapy.

As an independent medical institution, they work with a variety of resident sleep doctors with a wide range of specialties, including respiratory, neurology, otorhinolaryngology, and psychiatry. They are dedicated to working with CPAP users and have developed an excellent therapy compliance program to help their patients get the most out of their CPAP therapy. Lakeland works with all major sleep equipment manufacturers to offer a full line of CPAP equipment and accessories.


Sleep Apnea, Narcolepsy, Snoring, Insomia, Periodic Limb Movement


Address: 10600 Old County Rd 15 #140, Minneapolis, MN 55441
Phone: (763) 512-1551
Website: www.lhssleep.com


“I was given clear explanations by someone amiable and knowledgeable. Also, she helped me with a query even though it was not her area of expertise. But she found some information which was very helpful to me. I would never go to another sleep center.” – Carol D.

Sleep Health Specialists

Sleep Health Specialists are centered on educating your business and employees on all things sleep-related. It is important that clients receive personalized and tailored courses to ensure that each business’s unique needs are met.

When thinking about employee well-being, one of the most overlooked but most important issues is sleep. In this unprecedented situation, it is more important than ever to care for the remaining teams affected.


Webinars, Key-Note Speaking, On-Site Classes, Coaching


Address: 1010 W Lake St #100, Minneapolis, MN 55408
Phone: (612) 361-9740
Website: www.sleephs.com


“Who knew a sleep class would wake me up? I had no idea my sleep hygiene was contributing to such poor health and lack of motivation. Sarah Moe’s presentation undoubtedly helped me prioritize my sleep health practices, and her detailed plan that was tailored for me helped establish a great sleep routine. I am more mentally clear, working out better, and generally happier. Thank you, Sarah Moe and Sleep Health Specialists. Couldn’t recommend this service more.” – Sarah N.

Fairview Sleep Center

Fairview Sleep Center is the premier medical institution in Minnesota. They are an industry-leading, award-winning non-profit organization that offers a complete network of healthcare services. Their extensive network is designed to meet all patient needs while providing compassionate, quality care.

Their care portfolio includes community hospitals, academic hospitals, primary and specialty care clinics, aged care facilities, assisted living centers, rehabilitation centers, home care services, counseling, pharmacy, and benefits administration services. They are built on a tradition of caring and compassion. This is their home and their patients are their neighbors.


Sleep Clinic, & More


Address: 6363 France Ave S #103, Minneapolis, MN 55435
Phone: (952) 924-5053
Website: www.fairview.org


“This sleep clinic is wonderful. The staff is friendly and upbeat. Dr. Howell is an exceptional sleep doctor and he often engages with his patients on a personal level. The sleep rooms are large and comfortable with sleep number beds and cable tv. Highly recommend for your sleep needs.” – Space S.

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