Story Of Another Fakir – Part 1


Story Of Another Fakir – Part 1


Everyone was saddened to hear the story of the first fakir and tears welled up in their eyes. Then Zubaida asked to narrate the story of another fakir. Told another fakir, “You tell your story. Who are you? And where are you from? How is your condition?

The second Fakir took permission from Zubeida and said,” I would like to tell who I am and where I came from. I was the son of a king and a prince. My father was the king of a kingdom, a very efficient and powerful king. I was interested in reading and writing and learning a lot of new things. That’s why I was fond of reading and writing since childhood and was extremely excited to learn new things.

That’s why my father had called new teachers and teachers from far and wide, from whom I used to learn things of knowledge. I had memorized history, maths, science and holy books like Quran. Was it my skill or God’s blessing. He had become proficient in new skills. No one wanted to win me in answering questions. That’s why I started being discussed in the neighboring states of my state and also in other countries.

My father was overjoyed to know this. One day a king who was from abroad came to know about me and requested to meet me and sent some goods for me. Knowing this my father was pleased because he was going to be related to a great emperor and a powerful emperor, the cause of which was me.

With his father’s permission, some soldiers and some companions and some presents for the Emperor of India, he set out with his horseman and his horse. After walking some distance, fifty dacoits surrounded us. First they attacked the soldiers and the horses on which the tribute given by our father to the Emperor was kept.

Then attacked my companions and my horse. We fought for some time but my soldiers and my companions were killed and my horse was also injured due to which it started running away in fear. He got far while running, but he was also injured and due to fatigue he fell down and died.

I thanked God and thanked that horse because it saved my life but I was still scared because the bandits would not leave me alive if they saw me. I took off my clothes and dressed as an ordinary person, bandaged my wound and walked away. There was a river at a little distance, where there was healthy water. Proceeded after drinking water. It was evening.

So I spent my night in a cave and in the morning satisfied my hunger by eating fruits on the trees growing in the forest and drank water from the same river. While walking, I saw the city. I was wondering if I go and find out how far my country is from here?

That’s why I reached that city. Too much time had passed with my torn old and big hair, that means it had been many days. That’s why I looked very strange and poor. I looked as beggar. I reached that city.

I set foot in that city thinking that maybe I could be of some help. I asked a person which city it was and asked him the distance to my city. He asked my introduction. I told him my whole story. He looked at me very kindly and said that you should not tell your story to anyone else in this whole city because the king here is your father’s biggest enemy.

If the people of this city come to know about you, they will give you the death penalty. I am scared she said don’t be afraid. Don’t tell your truth to anyone. promise me this I promised He had brought some food stuff from his house, gave it to me to eat and asked me to rest.

After resting for some time, I went to him. He asked me that do you know any such work by which you can live. I discussed about my studies, writing literature etc. He said that all these have no value here. You cannot earn even ₹ 1 from all this. You must know some skill so that you can build something. You can help someone. Do you know any such work?

He said that you look vigorous and physically healthy. That’s why you can earn your living by cutting wood in the forests and selling it in the city. I had never done such work but I accepted this work to earn my living.

He said that I can arrange for you an ax and a rope. I begged him to take it. The next day he brought me an ax and a big rope. I thanked him and he sent me along with some woodcutters to the forest and introduced me.

I would cut wood there, make a pit for it and come with those people to the city and sell the wood. Wood was expensive in the city because the people here were lazy and left work because they did not want to work.






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