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Pay Your Dental Bill with a Personal Medical Loan! ( Code 0012 )


Pay Your Dental Bill with a Personal Medical Loan!


Pay Your Dental Bill with a Personal Medical Loan


Now you’ll ask since when did a visit to the dentist get so expensive that you have to take finance to pay the bills.

Dental care isn’t cheap. That’s a reality. A routine check-up or a regular clean up doesn’t break the bank, but if you need to undergo complex dental procedures, the cost may go up to a few thousand.

Here’s an example of how your dental bills rack up quickly. 

Imagine you live in a city like Mumbai and you experience a sudden acute dental pain. You visit a dentist for a consultation. The dentist may take X-rays to diagnose your problem.

Dentist consultation fee + X-rays = ₹ 1,000 to ₹ 1,200 approx.

That’s not all. Your dentist has just diagnosed the problem and has not yet started with the treatment.  Your treatment could be any or all of the following:

Case 1. If the pain was due to tooth decay, the dentist needs to clean the decayed part and fill the tooth.

Cost of the treatment = ₹ 1,200 to ₹ 3,000

Case 2. If the pain was due to extensive tooth decay, the dentist may not be able to save the tooth; It may have to be surgically extracted.

Cost of tooth extraction depending on the severity of the condition = ₹ 3,000 to ₹ 6,000

Case 3. If the decayed tooth can be saved, the dentist may carry out the root canal treatment, followed by the crowning of the tooth.

Cost of root canal treatment + Crown = ₹ 8,000 to ₹ 25,000

Case 4. If the dentist diagnosis suggests overcrowding of the teeth, you may have to go through orthodontic treatment and wear braces to correct the teeth position. If that’s the treatment you need to undergo, you could be on the hook for a huge amount because the treatment period is long and expensive.

In cases 1, 2, and 3, we have considered the cost of treating just one tooth. Imagine what would be the cost if you have more than one tooth that needs fixing. Much worse would be being a candidate for all the above cases of dental treatment.

With no dental insurance or cash to pay upfront, what’s next? With costs like these, it’s no wonder that you may want help with the expensive components of dental treatment. Instead of draining your savings or disrupting your monthly budget, you can look at finance options available in the market; borrow money you need and repay it in monthly instalments.

Two Options to Finance Dental Bills 

  1. Personal loan, also known as a medical loan or dental loan (because of the purpose for which it’s taken)
  2. Credit card

Medical Loan or a Credit Card? Which One You Should Choose

While a personal medical loan may seem like an obvious choice, you may wonder why not credit cards? In fact, using credit cards to pay your medical bill is as simple as swiping your card at the dentist’s office. Why bother going through the process of applying for a loan when you can just swipe the card. Isn’t it?

Well, these 2 differences between the two make a personal loan for dental treatment a better financial decision.

Medical Loan Credit Card
Low-interest rate Notoriously high-interest rate
Predictable (fixed) monthly payments Unpredictable monthly payments

Now that you are leaning towards a personal loan to cover the expensive dental expenses, you don’t have to look hard as there are plenty of options. Technology in the lending sector has made personal loans easy to research, compare and apply through various mediums.

Pay your dental bills with a personal loan from MoneyTap

MoneyTap offers personal loans with simple eligibility criteria. You can get an unsecured personal loan of up to ₹ 5 Lakh at an interest rate that starts at 1.08% per month.

Benefits of using MoneyTap

  • Covers all kinds of health-related expenses
  • Easy approval
  • Instant access
  • Low interest
  • Easy repayment
  • No usage, no interest

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