Is Animal Attack Covered Under Car Insurance?

Is Animal Attack Covered Under Car Insurance? ( Code 0096 )


Is Animal Attack Covered Under Car Insurance?

Is Animal Attack Covered Under Car Insurance?

To safeguard your financial interests in the event that your car is damaged, you must get car insurance. Your car might be damaged for a number of unforeseeable causes, costing you a fortune. Accidents, natural disasters, theft, in-transit damage, and one of the strangest yet most frequent ones, the vast animal kingdom, might all be among these causes.

When it comes to springing out of nowhere or scratching everything they can find, animals may be highly impulsive. Cars are one of their frequent victims. These damages might cost a lot of money or possibly be fatal to the car. Fortunately, a number of general insurance firms in India allow you to get comprehensive car insurance to meet this particular need.

Car Insurance Coverage for Animal Attack

There are many different kinds of disasters that may happen to a car. For coverage against own car damages, you can either opt for a standalone own damage car insurance policy or a comprehensive car insurance cover. These plans provide coverage against theft, collisions, vandalism, damage while moving, water damage, etc. which may cause damages to your car. When contrasted with the unforeseeable accidents that include guests from the animal realm, these instances are not all that unusual. Thus, you must have valid car insurance to keep your finances in good health.

Comprehensive Car Insurance Benefits

Comprehensive car insurance must be capable of covering financial obligations resulting from third-party damage to your car. Purchase comprehensive car  insurance to protect your vehicle at a reduced cost while providing outstanding coverage. The advantages of purchasing comprehensive car insurance coverage are listed below:

  • Damaged Car

Accidental damages occur without warning, which results in a hefty repair expense. Depending on the severity of the damage, they can occasionally be pricey. It’s possible that this will wreak havoc on your wallet. Damages to your car are also covered by the comprehensive car insurance policy, in addition to damages to third parties. In addition, it also covers losses brought by an animal attack.

  • Disability or Death Insurance

Aside from offering protection for other parties, a comprehensive car insurance policy also gives coverage for the insured vehicle and Personal Accident Cover. According to the Insurance Regulatory Authority of India’s mandate, purchasing Personal Accident Cover is also required (IRDAI). As a result, the policyholder is well-protected financially in the event of death or incapacity.

  • Coverage For Third Parties’ Liability

Comprehensive coverage is provided by the motor vehicle insurance policy. It gives third parties defense against any harm brought on by the insured vehicle. Additionally, it shields the policyholder from monetary obligations brought on by third-party losses and legal obligations.

How To Prevent Animal Attack Damage?

Given that these are unusual situations, it is impossible to prevent animal harm. But as will be explained below, there are ways to minimize the damage from such an occurrence:

  • Keep The Windows Shut 

When parking or leaving the car alone for a long time, remember to shut all the windows. Don’t forget to shut the sunroof as well.

  • Start The Engine Frequently 

You shouldn’t leave the car running when you’re not watching it. Animals won’t use the car as a nest, which would lead to mechanical issues if it is constantly started and moved about.

  • Install Comprehensive Auto Insurance Coverage On Your Vehicle

At the same time, this won’t protect it from animal attacks, it will assist in reducing your financial losses due to damage to the vehicle. Even if you don’t drive your car often, you must get comprehensive car insurance coverage.

  • Avoid Eating Food In Cars

Avoid eating or storing food in your car since doing so can discolor the upholstery. Additionally, it could draw pests like rats.

  • Park The Car In A Garage

The best way to keep animals away from your car is to park it in a garage. Additionally, this will shield it from attacks by wild creatures. You should take special care to keep pests out of the garage.

How to File an Insurance Claim for Damages from an Animal Attack

Sometimes, it is possible to take evident damage for quick repair. If an animal assault results in any such damage, you should get in touch with your insurance right once and let them know about it. The processes to file an insurance claim for an animal attack are as follows:

  1.  Contact the insurance provider by phone or online and report the damage.
  1. A representative or surveyor will be assigned by the company to evaluate the damage and compile a detailed list of the related financial responsibilities. Depending on your insurer’s policies, you will either receive reimbursement for the cost of the repair or a cashless claim for the damage repair at the garage.

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