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How To Deal With Frequent Urination Caused By Prostatitis


How To Deal With Frequent Urination Caused By Prostatitis

How To Deal With Frequent Urination Caused By Prostatitis

Frequent urination is an abnormal manifestation of the urinary system. People should pay attention to abnormal urination in life or go to the hospital for inspection in time. For men, the symptom is related to many diseases, including prostatitis.

Why can prostatitis cause frequent urination? There are a variety of reasons.

First, if a bacterial infection causes by the prostatitis patient, there will be bacteria in the patient’s prostate fluid at this time. The prostate fluid is discharged from the body through the urethra. During this process, the bacteria in the prostate fluid may remain on the urethral mucosa, causing acute inflammation of the urethral mucosa, then stimulating the urethral mucosa, causing patients to urinate repeatedly, which is characterized by frequent urination.

In addition, patients with acute and chronic prostatitis are usually accompanied by prostate hypertrophy, which leads to urethral obstruction and increases the amount of residual urine in the bladder. At this time, patients are prone to acute cystitis. When bacteria is excreted through the urethra, it will also cause acute urethritis. In this case, bladder mucosa and urethral mucosa will be stimulated by bacteria and toxins simultaneously, prompting patients to urinate frequently, which manifests as frequent urination symptoms.

The frequency of urination in life and work affects patients much. So what about the frequency of urination caused by prostatitis?

  1. Drink enough water: Drinking water will help metabolic in the body to promote the excretion of toxins from the body. Especially true for prostatitis patients. Frequent urination will wash away the bacteria attached to the urethra during urination. So drink enough water to keep more urination, which is helpful to the recovery of inflammation. At the same time, men should keep a balance in their sexual life. Regular sexual life can help the discharge of prostate fluid and also help the recovery of inflammation.
  2. Don’t sit too long: Most people work at the office and don’t need to experience wind-blown and sun-baked. Sitting too long will oppress the prostate and cause bacterial infection. Therefore, sedentary people should get up to exercise their shins, which can alleviate the harm of sedentary to the prostate.
  3. Anus lifting exercise: anus lifting exercise can promote the blood flow around the anus, improve the prostate congestion caused by sedentary, and also play a role in massaging the prostate. This method should be carried out every day, which can relieve inflammation.
  4. Hot water sitz bath: it can effectively relieve the edema and pain of prostatitis patients and also play a cleaning role in avoiding the breeding of bacteria. However, the water temperature should be well controlled when you take a hot water sitz bath. It is allowed to be at least a reasonable height. To maintain a normal water temperature, soak for about 15 minutes.
  5. Psychological treatment: Many people often feel restless because of the cycle and complexity of prostate treatment. Some symptoms affect their normal life very much. So if necessary, you can try psychological relaxation therapy or talk to your family. They will understand you.

The above is a detailed introduction to how to deal with frequent urination caused by prostatitis. However, to completely solve these symptoms, it should also be used in conjunction with the traditional Chinese medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, which is more targeted for frequent urination and other urinary tract symptoms. In the course of treatment, patients with chronic prostatitis should develop good living habits; Avoid excessive drinking, spicy food, and sitting or cycling for a long time.

Tips: Not all patients with frequent urination are caused by prostatitis. Frequent urination may also be caused by urinary tract infection, ureteral calculus, and neurogenic bladder. Drinking a lot of water in a short time will lead to increased urine production and frequent urination. Therefore, to determine the specific cause of frequent urination, you can check the urine routine and color ultrasound of the urinary system. If male, it can also improve the prostate color ultrasound examination, which can preliminarily determine the cause of the disease.

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