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Good Afternoon Images


Good Afternoon Images With Lunch

Beautiful Good Afternoon Images

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Good Afternoon Beautiful Images

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Good Afternoon HD Images

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Good Afternoon Images Free Download

Good Afternoon Images Free

Good Afternoon Images HD

Good Afternoon Images With Flowers

Good Afternoon Images With Love

Good Afternoon Images

Good Afternoon Love Images

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Good Afternoon Wishes

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Good Afternoon Wishes


O sun, send this message to my loved ones,
Send a good afternoon of happiness and an evening of laughter.
When someone reads this message of mine
So put a sweet smile on their face.
– Good afternoon


The birds sang with melodious vocals
So this message came to my lips
Blooming sunshine and bird’s nest are blessed to you.
Happy new afternoon to you!


Blooming morning saying goodbye,
And the sweaty heat is knocking,
get up and look at the afternoon
The afternoon sun is saying good afternoon.
– Good afternoon sir


The afternoon sun will remind you,
The smell of hot food will continue,
No matter how much morning breakfast I should not eat
Hunger will continue without afternoon lunch.
Good afternoon!


hello afternoon
Greetings with bowing heads,
I pray in your name from the heart,
Smile if accepted
We name this lovely little afternoon for you.
– afternoon hello to you


Then came the irritating afternoon,
The scorching heat has brought along,
Now get ready to take a bath with sweat water
Now afternoon has come to say Good Afternoon to you.


Suraj Chachu has climbed up,
And we are tormented by the scorching heat.
Lunch now has to go to the stomach,
Then holding the pillow, you have to sleep peacefully.
– Good afternoon


Your palace is in the palaces of heaven,
Your city is in the valley of dreams,
Your home is in the blossoming courtyard,
I pray that this day is yours to be beautiful.


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Cooler and AC are enjoyed in the heat of the village.
But the luck that broke out here, there is no electricity.
The heat in the afternoon is like boiling water,
The day is not cut by strong winds from above.


Gone are the shining stars and the round moon,
If your health is bad then get well soon,
miss you and my meeting
Still, I say good afternoon from afar.


oh sun god what are your intentions
feels like giving heat
I intend to cook and eat myself.


Let the smell of fragrance in the lunch,
Let the rain of sweat and the sun be too strong,
When the hunger started
So break down as soon as the plate of food is in front.


What is the promise, we will definitely fulfill it
Will lift you up like a ray of sun
If we are, then what’s the point of withering
We will also cook your afternoon lunch.


There is a new afternoon and new sunshine,
And in this sunshine, there is a gleam of light,
leave work now you come quickly
It is difficult to have lunch without you.


good afternoon sun give a message to my loved ones
Don’t leave the house at all after it is a hot sunny afternoon.


Don’t know where did that afternoon day go,
When we used to recite poetry under the shade of a tree,
And everyone used to call me Shayari Wale,
Now when I narrate poetry in the gathering
So people start asking me the URL of the website.


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Who has seen the day to come,
Why lose today about that day?
can laugh in these watches
So why cry for the clocks to come?


A city full of fog in the cold season,
Thought I should sleep for a while till noon.


The morning sun comes to wake us up,
Takes away all the darkness,
morning sun is ok
But the afternoon sun makes you sweat.


The Sun God will continue to give scorching incense,
In that sunshine, we will be drenched in sweat,
I pray we get ac air
Otherwise, we will keep burning in this heat.


It is noon as soon as I get out of bed,
Don’t know which mill’s flour this incense eats.


There is only one difference between a goal and a dream,
To dream comes sleep without effort,
And for the goal, one has to work hard without sleep.


We’ll have tea in the afternoon too
and even in summer
Will sip hot tea.


I love to message you every afternoon,
And it’s nice to chat on chat for hours,
I think day and night only about you
It’s nice to celebrate when you’re upset.
A lovely good afternoon on this lovely afternoon.
– Good Afternoon Me Love


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The sun rises at the sound of your footsteps,
Lunch is prepared by you,
Now make food with your own hands
Because the mind becomes happy by eating with your hands.


If a person is jealous of you then it is not his bad habit.
Rather it is your ability that compels him to do this work.


Thanks a friend for coming into my life,
To make every moment so beautiful,
If you are, then my name is written on every happiness,
Thank you for making me such a happy fortune.
– good afternoon friend


We remember the friendship of our friends,
The heart is limited by memories,
we used to live together
And the heart yearns to meet today.


Be a friend and play a friend,
Laughing at every difficulty,
Be ready to support as soon as there are friends,
So say good afternoon to them every day!


The sun is out, it’s afternoon
The flowers have blossomed and the birds have also flown away from the nest,
wake up from sleep my friend how long will you sleep
Now is the time to turn dreams into reality!


Your separation will keep us crying,
You will always be remembered
As long as there is life in this body,
My every breath will continue to play friendship.


There is a lot of hope in my heart,
There is a lot of sorrow in life,
When would this world kill us,
But there is a lot of power in the prayers of a friend.


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