If you consume too much calcium, then be careful because consuming too much calcium can be harmful for the body. Let's know how.

Calcium intake is essential for the development of the bones of the body. Calcium is beneficial for the body, but it should be consumed correctly, otherwise, you can get into trouble.

Having too much calcium in the body can also cause many problems. Let us know about the damage caused to the body by taking too much calcium.

Kidney problems - Due to the consumption of more calcium, the kidney does not work correctly because the kidney is not able to filter more calcium easily. Excess calcium can also lead to kidney stones

Osteoporosis - Osteoporosis is a disease in which bones become brittle and weak. Due to the increase in calcium, bones start to become hollow, so do not take too much calcium.

Effect on the brain - Dementia can also be caused by excessive intake of calcium. If this disease is not treated at the right time, then in some cases the person can even go into a coma.

Heart attack - Due to excess calcium, the arteries of the heart start working slowly, due to which the chances of blockage in the heart increase significantly and the risk of heart attack remains.

Note - Try to take calcium-rich foods in the diet instead of taking calcium supplements. For example - milk, curd, cheese, cheese etc. Include these things in your regular diet.

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