First of all, let's talk about actress Marley Metlin. Marlee is one of the few deaf actors who have won an Oscar. Marley was one and a half years old when she lost her hearing.

Millie Bobby Brown, who appeared in Netflix's famous show Stranger Things, can't even hear. It is said that Millie Bobby Brown cannot hear with the right ear and this problem is increasing with time.

One actress who can never be forgotten is Halle Berry. Haley, who won the Oscar Award, has lost 80% of her hearing with her right ear. The reason for this was his partner's domestic violence with him.

There was a lot of discussion about actor Troy Kotsur. Troy's parents came to know about his deafness when the actor was 9 years old.

Famous Canadian actor William Shatner also cannot hear. He suffered from tinnitus due to an accident during the shooting of the film 'Star Wars'. After this, he started wearing a small device.

Hollywood's famous actress and comedian Jane Lynch cannot hear at all her right work. Jane tells that when she was a child, now she had a very high fever. Due to this fever, he had nerve deafness.

Stephen Colbert, the host of the famous chat show 'Late Show', cannot hear with his right ear. He had a hole in his eardrum, which he had to undergo an operation to fix.

American actor Lou Ferrigno is also deaf. Lou is best known for playing the superhero Hulk in the 70s and 80s. Lou Ferrigno lost 80% of his hearing ability shortly after he was born.

Daniel Durant was born to deaf parents. He was born deaf. He attended the Minnesota State Academy for the Deaf and participated in theatre. He was praised for his musical play called Spring Awakening.