Do you remember Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan's on chemistry? How can anyone forget Dakota-Jamie's wonderful romance in the film Fifty Shades of Grey.

The news came that Dakota and Jamie had a fight, neither of the actors had disclosed any. During a recent interview, Dakota has broken the silence on the question of her and Jamie's relationship.

During the promotion of the film Madam, Dakota broke the silence on all the rumors and answered every question of the media. Dakota clears that there is nothing between her and Jamie.

In response to these questions, Dakota gave such an answer that everyone was stunned. Dakota said Jamie is like her brother. Dakota said- 'There was never anything between us.

It may sound strange for me to say this but Jamie is like my brother. I love them very much. We always stand by each other. We trust each other completely and protect each other completely.

Dakota clarified that there is no romantic relationship between her and Jamie. In the three-series movie of Fifty Shades of Grey, a lot of romantic and steamy scenes were filmed between the two actors

This movie created a lot of buzzes all over the world. This statement of Dakota is not being embraced by the fans.

Talking about the upcoming films, Dakota's Madam Web is in the news as well as Persuasion will also be seen on Netflix soon. Live TV

Dakota Johnson, who gave steamy scenes with Jamie in the movie Fifty Shades of Gray, has called him a brother.

This statement of Dakota has created panic among the media and fans. Earlier there was news that Dakota and Jamie had a fight.