Kim Kardashian can do anything to stay young, actress gave a shocking statement! Know what is the reason

Hollywood actress Kim Kardashian remains in the headlines the day she comes with her pictures. Kim, the mother of 4 children, is the owner of a very fit and toned body.

Kim is once again in the news but not because of the photos and videos but because of her shocking statement.

Kim puts in a lot of effort to look beautiful. Trying different makeup tips. But the craze of remaining young has become so over him that he has given such a statement that everyone is shocked to hear

Model-actress Kim Kardashian, who lives in Lime Light, is in the news again. This time she is not in the news because of her outfit, nor for her bold photoshoot, but because of her statement.

41-year-old American TV actress Kim can go to any extent to maintain her youth. To look beautiful and young, the actress has blown everyone's senses by making abusive statements.

Kim Kardashian is known for her fashion. His pictures keep becoming very viral on social media. Due to their perfect shape, Kim looks very gorgeous in every type of dress.

But to what extent can Kim go to maintain her beauty and glamour? You can guess this from the fact that in an interview, Kim has said that if she has to eat potty to look young, then she does not mind

Talking to The New York Times, Kim said that if you tell me that I will look young and for this, I have to potty every day, I would probably eat. People are shocked to hear this statement from Kim.

Recently, Kim Kardashian was in a lot of discussions due to the Met Gala look. Kim was beautifully dressed as a tribute to actress and fashion icon Marilyn Monroe.

Kim remained in the headlines due to her transformation at the Met Gala. According to the report, to fit into Marilyn's gown worn 60 years ago, Kim lost about 7 kg and fit in the dress.