on this lovely night, Before a sweet sleep, In the hope of sweet dreams, Good night from my side to my dear ones.

We lose ourselves like this, Think you are yours, Can't sleep at night but Falling asleep to see you in dreams.

Hi! This is our midnight service. In this, we spoil the sleep of people after midnight. Thank you! Now go to sleep.

Even the shining moon started falling asleep now, With your happiness, the world also started lit up, Seeing you the bud started humming, Now I started falling asleep while throwing.

oh, moon stars, Just give them a kick, get them off the bed, Fight with them Because these people have slept without saying good night!

The night is over, go to sleep now, Get lost in the thoughts of those who are close to the heart, Some crazy person is waiting for you, At least meet them right in your thoughts, then come.

Putting the moon on guard, The task of monitoring the wires, This night has come for you with a pleasant one, A golden dream in the name of your eyes. Good night!

The importance of a gold chain in the life of the rich, The same importance is of sleeping peacefully in the life of the poor.

Looks like something is going to happen, Somebody is going to get lost in sweet dreams, Slow down your light, O moon, Man, I am going to sleep now.

When someone's memory hurts, When the wind caresses the clouds, Close your eyes and go to sleep Do you know who cares? May he come in dreams.