so sweet than the springs Music is never heard. If in their way There are no stones..! Good morning.

even when it hurts, the person you till the complaint, don't do…. love more than that person, you no one else can do…!! Good Morning

any relationship is a big deal not by doing but by small understanding things True and deep…!!! Good Morning

These perfume bottles are just like that flaunts herself, relationship people like you smells from

There is no choice but to pray, no one even listens except for god Good morning!

Leisure is expensive or else I can so cheap That is found in the cup of tea… Good Morning

Good Morning It is very important to have a little emptiness in life, This is the time when We meet ourselves. have a nice day.

a strange thing a tree said Every day my leaves fall still changing with the wind Not my relationship. Good Morning

Good Morning never put a face on a person go by the face There is a no bigger mask.

Even though the beginning of the human introduction from the face, But his complete identity is spoken, thoughts and actions It just happens.!! Good Morning

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