The problem of back pain is very common among people. Most of us face the problem of back pain every day.

In today's era, every person wants to be fit and healthy. The meaning of being fit and healthy has changed now than before. Being fit today means being in shape.

Most people think that dieting means eating less and going hungry for a longer period of time. If you think the same way then you need to change this perception.

Dieting means you have to eat the right thing, in the right amount. That's why today we are going to tell you a complete diet plan, which can help you in losing weight.

Diet plan to lose weight - Day 1 - * Breakfast: Sambar with brown rice, idli * Lunch: Cereal bread with mixed vegetables * Dinner: Fresh spinach salad with mixed vegetables and curd

Day 2 - * Breakfast: Chana dal pancakes with a glass of milk, mixed vegetable salad * Lunch: Chole curry with brown rice or any vegetable of your choice * Dinner: Sprouted lentil khichdi

Diet plan to lose weight - Day 3 - * Breakfast: Apple, cinnamon porridge and half a glass of milk * Lunch: Coarse grain bread, lentils and some vegetables * Dinner: Paneer curry and rice

Day 4 - * Breakfast: Fresh fruit and 2 tsp roasted seeds * Lunch: Vegetable and roti (curd or raita if you feel more hungry) * Dinner: Rice and vegetables, salad of your choice

Diet plan to lose weight - Day 5 - * Breakfast: Vegetable porridge and a glass of milk * Lunch: Sambar with brown rice * Dinner: Potato vegetable, rice or roti

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