If you have oily skin then you should clean your face well before sleeping at night. Otherwise, it can aggravate the problems of oily skin.

Do you have oily skin? If you are troubled by things like acne and blackheads, then you should change your skincare routine.

You should clean your skin more at night than during the day. But if you do not do this then it can increase the problems the skin.

For example, after waking up in the morning, you can see more oil on your skin. You may have acne on your face. So today we will tell you the night skincare routine for oily skin.

1. Cleanse your face with a cleanser - For oily skin, it is very important to use a cleanser. This is because the cleanser helps to keep the skin clean. It cleans the skin pores from the inside.

2. Apply face mask - For the face mask, you can choose Multani, Mitti, or clay mask. Both these things can help to clean the skin from the inside and increase its glow.

3. Apply an alcohol-free toner – Toners are essential for oily skin as they can clean the dirt and sebum left inside the pores which your cleanser cannot.

4. Wash the face with cold water - Washing the face with cold water helps in correct blood circulation in the skin and cleaning the skin completely. Also, it refreshes your skin and adds glow to it.

5. Apply Moisturizer - The use of moisturizer is also necessary for oily skin. For this, apply a light, hydrating night cream or lotion on your face and neck before going to bed at night.

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