Avatar The Way of Water: Kate Winslet's look revealed, did you see this 'Avatar' of Titanic's heroine?

Everyone is eagerly waiting for James Cameron's upcoming film 'Avatar: The Way of Water'. Its trailer released along with Doctor Strange 2 has increased the excitement of the people.

Kate Winslet's look is out. 'Titanic' heroine Kate Winslet, who made it to third place in Hollywood's highest-grossing films, is set to appear in 'Avatar: The Way of Water'.

Funny thing is, Kate Winslet. After 25 years of 'Titanic', the director is going to join hands with James Cameron.

The actress said she learned the art of holding her breath for long periods of time underwater for the film.

If reports are to be believed, Kate broke Tom Cruise's record of holding her breath for the longest time underwater in a feature film.

When asked about the actress reuniting with Cameron after all these years of 'Titanic', Winslet said, "Jim and I have completely changed in these 25 years.

Let us tell you that the first part of this intergalactic epic film by James Cameron came in the year 2009 and during this time the second part of the film was also announced.

It took almost 13 years for James Cameron to bring the idea of 'Avatar 2' to the canvas. However, now people's wait is over,

Avatar The Way of Water: James Cameron is all set to release his much-awaited film 'Avatar 2' in theaters on December 16.

The film Avatar was released in the year 2009. After more than a decade, now a new chapter will be started in the sequel of Avatar.

"Avatar: The Way of Water" will follow the next chapter in the lives of Sam Worthington's Jake and Joe Saldana Nettieri, as they now become parents.

There are also reports that 20th Century Studios is also re-releasing the first Avatar in theaters before the sequel of the film Avatar.

The film will release on September 23, 2022, and viewers will once again be able to watch Avatar in 3D.