5 Most Useless Exercises, Be Careful Before Doing Them

Some exercises are very beneficial while some exercises are such that can hurt you.

Some exercises are going to be very useless for you. You should either stop doing such exercises or you should take too much care while doing them.

1. Cross Fit - If this exercise is done properly, it can help in burning fat. If little care is taken in this, then it can cause a lot of injuries.

2. Crunch - Crunch can be a very good exercise to reduce belly fat. This puts pressure on your lower spine. So don't overdo it.

3. Spot Reduction - If you only want to reduce belly fat, then definitely try this exercise. But try this exercise with some caution.

4. Weight Training - Many times people lift too much weight in this exercise, due to which the posture also becomes bad. Due to this is also not a good exercise for you.

5. Plyo Matrix - This exercise works for muscle power. But it's easy to get it wrong. This can injure you very badly. So avoid it.

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