Story Told By Christian

Story Told By Christian ( Part – 2 )


Story Told By Christian ( Part – 2 )

Story Told By Christian

After coming in a few days, he started taking his money from the traders. Rest of the day I spent my time traveling and visited many nice places. After a few days, when I went to the merchant to collect my money, I saw a very beautiful girl coming from the front, who was coming towards our shop and she had many jobs with her. In no time that beautiful woman came to our shop.

Seeing whom I became very happy. He asked my merchant that for how much rupees are you giving this paddy. Then my merchant told that this paddy is worth six thousand six hundred rupees. The beautiful woman liked the paddy very much and said that you get it packed, I will give its money tomorrow.

Then my merchant told the beautiful woman that this paddy belongs to her and I have promised her that today itself I will give all the money of this paddy to her. I can’t give it to you. If you want it, you have to pay immediately, after which the beautiful girl left angrily.

As soon as the beautiful girl went a little distance, I called that girl back to me with a voice and told her to take her away. But in return you have to show me your face and the beautiful girl obeyed me and secretly showed her face to me in exchange of paddy. Seeing whom I was very fascinated and was lost in his thoughts.

After a while I asked my merchant about that beautiful girl. Then my businessman told that she is the daughter of a very rich businessman here. He has a lot of money. But due to an accident and her father has died due to which all that property belongs to Sundar Kanya.

After listening to all the words of the merchant, I went back to my house and the next day when I reached the shop again. Then I saw that beautiful girl with her maid was walking towards our shop.

After reaching our shop, she gave me all the money for the paddy taken yesterday and sat next to me. As soon as that beautiful girl sat next to me, I proposed my love to that beautiful girl, after listening to which she immediately got up and left. Due to which I got sad and walked away from the merchant to a deserted place a little far away.

Then suddenly I saw that a maidservant of that beautiful girl was coming towards me and she came to me and told me that my mistress wants to talk to you. For which he has called you. I immediately went with the maidservant and after reaching some distance I saw that beautiful girl sitting at a place and very impatiently waiting for me.

When I reached there, that girl immediately held my hand and made me sit near her and told me that I also love you very much and said that you should come to my house tomorrow. We will sit there and talk comfortably.

I obeyed him and reached the address given by him and went outside his house and started clapping loudly, so that two servants came out and took me inside the palace of the beautiful girl. While going inside the palace, I heard the sound of many beautiful trees and many birds.

In a short while both the servants took me to that beautiful girl. As soon as that beautiful girl saw me she became very happy and took me to a room. Where we ate food while sitting and talking about many things, we did not realize when it was morning.

In the morning I decided to leave the palace of the beautiful girl, after which some beautiful girl asked me when will you come to see me again. After which I replied to the words of that beautiful girl that I will come back to your palace again this evening itself. Hearing this she became very happy and saying this I left there and for many days I started going to the beautiful woman’s palace every day and when I came in the morning I used to put some money under her pillow.

After doing this for a few days, I ran out of money, due to which I could not understand how to go to meet that girl? One day when I was going out for a walk, I saw a thief sitting on a horse and running towards me after stealing all the money from the palace and he had a bundle of stolen money. As soon as that thief was passing by me, one of his bundles fell near me. Which I picked up as soon as I picked up that bundle of money.

The thief on the horse saw me and attacked me. Because of which I fell on the ground and started telling everyone that he is a thief. He has stolen my money. At the same time suddenly the inspector reached there and after that the thief told the inspector that he had stolen my money.

On being repeatedly asked by the Inspector, I denied that I had not stolen the money. But the Inspector asked his constables to get me searched. Then they found the bundle and took me to the Qazi, where the Qazi ordered me to cut off my right hand as a punishment. After which the soldiers cut off my right hand.

When I was coming after getting the sentence pronounced by Qazi, then suddenly I saw that beautiful woman coming towards me on the way. That’s why I immediately hid my cut hand and started behaving in front of him as if nothing had happened, but due to the cut hand, my body was in terrible pain, due to which I could not bear that pain. Had been.

That’s why that beautiful girl asked me what happened to you? Why are you behaving strangely? But I did not answer his words. Then she took me with her to her house where she asked me to have food but I refused her. Then he told me to drink some wine instead of eating.

After that I drank the wine given by him and fell asleep when he saw my cut hand. When morning came, I saw that he was very worried and sad. Then I realized that he had seen me with my cut hand.

He asked his servants to prepare the medicine. In no time, his servant brought medicine in a cup and he gave me that medicine to drink. After which I felt very relaxed. After a while when I started coming from there everything beautiful girl refused me to go that you will not go anywhere. You will stay with me Whatever has happened to you, it has happened because of me and after a while he called everyone and gave all his wealth in my name.

Started lovingly living with me. A few days later, she died suddenly due to ill health, after which I performed the last rites of that beautiful woman and came back to my home in Baghdad and came here to meet you.

The sesame seeds that I had given you to sell were also brought from the same beautiful girl’s money. After which I went to many places and did a lot of business with that businessman and after dividing the money earned from the business in half, went back to their respective homes.

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