Story Of The King Of The Black Isles – Part 2


Story Of The King Of The Black Isles – Part 2


On asking my three condolence messages, he replied that my mother has passed away and my father has been killed in the war and my brother has died by falling from a height. I replied that the message is sad. But by mourning like this, he will not come back, but there is also a reason why mourning is very important.

After some time the queen went to her bedroom but she used to cry a lot and get upset. The king didn’t try to persuade him means I didn’t try to persuade him because I knew the reason for his crying so I didn’t pay attention to that subject. But he told me that this hobby could not be tolerated by me. I want to build a mausoleum and live in it and reduce my hobby.

I allowed this also and she got a tomb made and she brought her lover and kept him there and started living there and serving him. Her love was so injured that he could neither talk nor walk. There was no sound in any way. Only he kept looking at the old night and day. I was seeing and understanding all this but I was silent.

Day after day it went on like this. After a long time passed, I felt something strange. That’s why I talked about both of them and what happens in the tomb? Wanted to know this and one day I went and hid in that tomb where the queen and that lover could see me but I could also see them and hear all their talk.

When the queen came there, she started saying sitting back to her lover. My life patient, I keep looking at you, I talk to you for hours, but you also do not give me the answer to the question. Why did this happen? This unfortunately happened because of me. I’m sorry if that’s the case. But do talk to me. If you speak to me even once, my heart will feel cold.

I cannot grieve so deeply for this body of yours and for my love. It hurts me as much as it doesn’t hurt you. Seeing this condition of yours, every part of me cries with pain and lamentation. I could not see the memory of the queen. I came back to the palace the same day and got busy with my work. When the queen came back, I told the queen to leave this mourning and lead a normal queenly life.

But she started telling me no Maharaj don’t ask me to do this please let me grieve. Which gives me peace. The more I explained to her and forbade her to do this, the more she used to get upset with me. That’s why I kept quiet and I left him to his condition.

2 years had passed. I again went to the same room to inquire about the well-being of the queen and her lover, but I sat there hiding and as soon as the queen came, she started saying sitting near her lover, Pran Dheer, you don’t talk to me. The years are over. Don’t you understand my love If so will you never talk to me?

Now you even close your eyes after seeing me. It seems that you do not love me but I am living only for your love. I am ready to give my everything to you. you talk to me once Open your eyes once and look at me. Talk to me my heart will be blessed. If you did

I was listening I could not remain quiet. I wanted to give death sentence to this woman and this monster like negro. Hearing this, my queen got angry and started saying that you are the reason for my sorrow. I have done such misdeeds as if I have been leading a dry life for years. I said yes I have killed this miscreant. I am the reason for this. Such demons should get such punishment and you should also be given death penalty. You have defamed me a lot. All my respect was mixed with the respect of a king in the soil.

I took out my sword. To kill me, he did black magic and chanted such a mantra that I became unable to lift the sword and recited some mantras that you become stone from the waist down and he recited the mantra and it happened and after that I survived and he gave me Got me up and kept me at a place where I could see everything. He turned my kingdom into a pond, my city into a pond and the people there into fishes and he didn’t keep any person in the kingdom as a person.

He made all four of my nails made of stone and placed them around the pond. And she would come everyday and beat me with a whip so that I would even bleed. After that she applies a potion to my wounds, so that I feel extreme pain and I am upset, this goes on for several days.

Taking the story further, Shahzad says that the king raised both his hands and said, “O God, O Supreme God, if it is your wish that I continue to suffer injustice and pain like this, then it is okay.” I have full hope and hope that one day you will definitely do justice. He will definitely get me out of this trouble.

There she saw the young king and was very sad to hear his story. She asked where does your evil queen live? Where does her lover live? She told that I told that she lives in Soka house. He asked where is his way from? Maharaj and Jawan Badshah told that his way goes through this room and a way ahead of which medicine is given to the lover. After beating me everyday, she gives medicine to her lover and talks to him while sitting.








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