Story of Sleeping Man – Part 2


Story of Sleeping Man – Part 2




Story of Sleeping Man – Part 2


Krishna Images And he was enjoying a lot. After a while the minister started showing Abul the rooms of the entire palace one by one and took him to all the rooms one by one. There were separate servants and maids in all the rooms. Started asking the names of all the maids and also started talking to them. Then Khalifa Haru Rashid called a maidservant to him and he gave the maidservant a cup of wine in which he had mixed the pills.

He asked Abul to drink. The maid did what Haru Rashid told her to do. He gave that cup to Abul. After which Abul fainted and then he told his servants to take him and drop him at his house.

The servants took Abul and dropped him at his house. When Abul regained consciousness, he saw that he was sleeping at his house. Seeing whom he was surprised and said that till now I was the Caliph and now how did I reach here? When Abul’s mother came to him, he started talking very rudely to her.

He started saying who are you? I am not your son. Saying that I am the king here, he started beating his mother. Hearing the sound of fighting, the people around also reached Abul Hasan’s house.

Where all the people asked Abul that why are you killing your mother? Then she told that I am the king here and she is saying that I am her son. Now all the people were very surprised to hear her and they considered Abul to be mad and handed him over to the inspector.

The inspector took Abul and locked him in jail and asked his soldiers to beat Abul a lot for three to four days. Until he comes to his senses. Obeying the inspector, the soldiers beat Abul a lot. After being beaten up for three-four days, Abul understood that whatever was happening to him was because of that merchant.

After which Abul apologized to his mother and only then the inspector saw him right and freed him from prison. Now he came home and started his business again. Then suddenly one day King Haru Rasid again disguised as a merchant reached Abul Hasan.

As soon as he saw that businessman speaking now, he started narrating lies to him and said that because of you I have become like this. King Haru Rashid told him that he had heard that you had fallen in love with a girl in the palace. Abul was very happy to hear this and started saying yes but he is not worthy of me.

Because she is the maidservant of kings. Saying this, Haru Rasid did again what he had done last time with Abul Hasan. He again made Abul Hasan drink alcohol in which sleeping pills were found. Like last time, this time also after speaking to his soldiers, he took Abul Hasan to his court.

And asked to do the same thing as said last time. After which when he regained consciousness, he saw that he was in the palace. Seeing this, I understood now that it must have been a trick of that businessman. It has cast a spell on me. Saying this he fell asleep. But the girl whom Abul Hasan was in love with came to him and said, Maharaj, have I made any mistake? Which you are giving me such a big punishment.

Hearing this, Abul was once again convinced that he was the king and started having fun with everyone. After which Maharaja Haru Rashid came there. Seeing the Maharaja, Abul Hasan understood that all this land belonged to him. Then Khalifa Haru Rashid said to me, I have played a joke with you and now I make you a courtier of my court and order you to get married to Mahjabeen.

After which Haru Rashid got Abul and Mahjabinan married with great fanfare. Both started living their lives happily and after having fun for a few days, their money started running out slowly and then both had made a plan, why don’t we convey the news of our death one by one to the king?

By which he will give us a lot of money. Mahjabeen gave the news of Abul’s death to Zubaida. Zubaida gave Mahjabeen a lot of money, with which she came to her house and then Abul Hasan pretended that his wife was dead and reached the king crying.

The king now gave her a lot of money, but after a few days when Zubeida came to the court, Maharaja Haru Rashid told her that I am very sorry for the death of your maid. Hearing this, Zubaida said, Maharaj, what are you saying? Abul Hasan is dead, not my lover. Both decided to go to his house.

Going there, Maharaja Haroon Rashid and Zubaida saw that two people were lying there covered with shroud. The king had some doubt and said that whoever dies among these two, tell me first, who died first? So I will give him a lot of money.

Hearing this, both Abul Hasan and Mahjabeen got up and said, Maharaj, I was dead earlier. That quote was dead earlier. In this way both of them got into trouble. After which the king asked both of them why did you do this? Then he told everything. After which the king gave him a lot of money and also applauded his play.

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