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Reseller Hosting


Reseller Hosting

Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting is a great way to begin your own hosting business. You can sell web services for a profit or give them as to better enhance your offerings to your clients. In other words, you can say It refers to a kind of web hosting platform wherein the registered user has the ability to use allotted bandwidth and hard drive space to host websites on behalf of third parties. What the reseller does is that he will purchase the service of the host, generally at a wholesale price, and then sell them to customers for a small profit. Resellers also provide portions of the bandwidth and memory to the customers.

Points to keep in mind before getting started:-

Reliability – A website cannot be up 100% of the time, so there are some maintenance tasks to be performed. This is the time when site must be taken offline but if it happens frequently and stretches for a long period of time, then you are in trouble. Check out carefully the guaranteed uptime and between 95% and 99% is good. Do not get lured by service providers who promise 100% uptime, as it is not possible. So, start with a reliable web hosting company and stay safe.

Customer Support – Inquire about the support staff and their availability when you buy web space from any service provider. Your customers will have to depend on their customer support for any sort of technical problem faced by them. Therefore, it is your responsibility to check whether the customer service is up to the mark or not as your reputation depends on it.

Future Plans – It is crucial to inquire about the future expansion plans of the service provider so that you can create plans accordingly. Ask whether they can expand storage space in future if required by your customers. Put as many queries as possible and there is nothing bad about it and you will understand it even better.

For best results, do as much research as possible about reseller hosting services and make profits

Select a Steady and Dependable Business

Solutions offered by another company are sold in reseller web hosting. Hence it is important to select a dependable and steady business. You will need to see a few things like the package or plan offered, the people involved, pricing, up-time that has been guaranteed, the infrastructure’s expertise and the customer support. After this, it is the reseller account that has to be considered.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Reseller web hosting in India


Being a reseller means that you are in complete control of your own business. In other words, you can create your own plans to sell under your own brand name and no one will ever know the difference unless you tell them.

To help you run your business you will be provided with a control panel that will allow you to bill your clients, handle your settings, and price your packages.

There is no technical skill required because your hosting provider manages the servers for you; however, you should know the basics of hosting so that you are better able to market and sell to your customers.

Your servers are fully supported by your host which allows you to focus on your business.


Being a web hosting reseller is distracting because it is a business that never sleeps, so that means that you will need to be available to handle your client’s issues as they arise.

If you sign up with a hosting provider that is unreliable, then you will also be unreliable to your clients.

Is Reseller Hosting Really Worth The Value?

The top reselling sites are fundamentally destinations that offer the best reseller hosting. This can be something worth being thankful for you, however, there are numerous things you must be cautious of when you are considering utilizing reseller hosting for yourself or turning into a reseller of hosting

Reseller web hosting features

The service provider of reseller web hosting offers the following services. It offers unlimited domains, MySQL databases, sub-domains and email accounts. The service provider will provide flexible control panel and 99.90% uptime guarantee. Private name servers that are based on the domain and safe harbour certified, site builder accounts, and free domain name. Many other features are offered like the specification of disk spaces, databases, account creation, latest cPanel control panels and referrer and error logs etc.

Cloud Web Hosting

Servers offered by the service providers may also include cloud web hosting and the servers provided by the service provider may be premium in nature. Such cloud hosting can be Linux or Windows based. They also offer shared and reseller web hosting from time to time. In cloud hosting the client does everything in a virtual environment with a remote hosting process.


Many people are awfully tired about spamming and they want their email free from the same. In their web hosting process, the service providers offer anti-spam email that will automatically filter out the spam messages. In similar analogies, the email containing spam, virus or phishing elements shall be filtered out as well.

Other Facilities

Some other facilities that the quality service providers of cPanel hosting provider for their clients include daily backup of data. In the result, the valuable data is not lost and everything remains secure for them. Usually, cPanel, as well as the control panel, does give the clients control over the use of the server. It would be possible managing all systems and server side facilities as well as DNS entries through various web-based interfaces.

Using WordPress web hosting with full control of cPanel could be one of the inexpensive and efficient web solutions available in the industry.

Choose the Best Reseller Web Hosting:

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