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Story – A Bag Hanging On A Tree


All Latest Images – Gonu Jha is often used to get rewards and blessings. Because of this, the nuisance of thieves in his house kept on increasing.

When he went to the room to sleep, some noises raised his ears. He saw that there was a dent in the house. When I ran my eyes here and there, some shaves were also seen behind the cottage. Now it was natural to worry about what to do? Still lying down. The wife was not allowed to perceive anything.

Then asked the wife, ‘My mother gave you the jewelry; Where have you put it, do you know?’

He said irritatingly, ‘Learn old lady and you.’

Gonu Jha said with the gusto of ease, ‘But I have kept all your ornaments in one place.’

Ozine got up in shock and said angrily, ‘Where did you put me without saying anything?’

Gonu Jha assuredly said, ‘You should stop worrying about the jewelry; They have been kept safe so that even the father of thieves will not be able to smell it.’

Ozine said in amazement, you haven’t told till today.’


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Gonu Jha, pretending to speak slowly, said, ‘If you have free time, no! I’ll tell you now Bring the ear here; In the night, the Kothi-mother also has ears.’

And started whispering. Ozine said angrily, ‘You speak so slowly that only breaths can be heard out loud.’

Then Gonu Jha started saying clearly, ‘Well you want to listen, then listen properly; There is still a terror of thieves in the village, so keeping the ornaments in a sack, they have hung them on the guava tree of Pichhwa.’

The wife shouted, ‘Hi God, you have destroyed the truth!

Gonu Jha said while explaining, ‘If you do not agree to keep it there, then I will bring it in the early morning itself; Right now there is a fear of snakes and scorpions.’

On hearing this the thieves eagerly waited for the couple to sleep soon. Here Gonu Jha fell asleep after trying his best to relieve his wife.

The thieves started slipping as soon as the couple slept and immediately reached the tree. There, something like a big bundle was visible on the fungi.

The thieves caught As soon as he put his hands tightly on him, the father started falling into the swampy dung pool. What the thieves snatched as a big bag, was a big hive of bees.

The fear of being caught and the bees clinging to the body made lakhs of attempts to get rid of them but failed. The bees took full revenge for the untimely teasing till morning and then went to rest.

In the morning, Gonu Jha passed by carrying a lota and quipped to the thieves who had sunk in the tank and said, ‘Thieves brothers, is my bag safe? And keep going.

Gonu Jha was going ahead after telling the villagers about the thieves and sending them towards Hauz.

The thieves had already been punished, and from above the villagers started getting ‘farewell’ even more.


Story – Debt Recovery


Gonu Jha’s cousin Bhanja Paltanma came back from his village only after two-four days. On seeing him, the uncle said angrily, ‘You don’t have any work or place? Do you keep walking like this?

He too was the nephew of Gonu Jha after all; Was not insincere. Gonu Jha may have been Teesmar Khan for others, for that he was the father’s brother-in-law, so he said shamelessly, ‘Mama, what happened that last evening I asked my grandfather for money for eating sweets, he scolded Said why don’t you tell your uncle? I also said angrily you will feed as many sweets as Mama will feed? On this, the grandfather said, hey, go-go! If you feed even one, you are lucky; He himself is a number one thug.

Gonu Jha smiled and said, ‘Okay then, come with me.’

Showing a shop from afar, he said, ‘Whatever sweets you want to eat in that shop, eat whatever you want; I am coming.’


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After some time Gonu Jha reached and sat beside the nephew, encouraging him to eat his fill. After belching him, Gonu Jha said softly, ‘Now you go to your village!’

The nephew is gone. When Gonu Jha started leaving after asking other customers about the condition of the village, the shopkeeper immediately reminded him, ‘That boy, who has gone to eat, go on giving money to him.’

Gonu Jha was shocked, ‘Who? whose money? I came alone; No one had come with me.’

The shopkeeper reminisced, reminiscing, ‘Oh the same red-shirted Chunda, who was eating in front of you and was also talking with you very lovingly!

Gonu Jha scoffed and said, ‘Hey, brother, maybe you too have been duped; I don’t even know him. As far as talking is concerned, that is what I talk about most; I especially enjoy talking to other villagers. From this, the current news of the country is known.

Other customers also started saying yes to yes. The shopkeeper kept beating his head. The boy had left after consuming good sweets.

On returning home, Gonu Jha’s wife, seeing the money in the wallet, said, ‘You too do the limit. With what face would the poor person have gone home? Not only do they get their places done, but they also got their nose cut off.

Gonu Jha laughed and said, ‘Do you also consider me to be of your own maternal house? If you ask for one sweet in your face, then only one will give! Hey, he’s gone full-on; Now he will not take the name of eating sweets for six months. No one in his family would have seen so many sweets on the plate.

My wife was shocked, but money! Not a single one has come out of the wallet.

Gonu Jha said in the tone of the punch, ‘Ari Manini, the debt of money is not paid everywhere; Sometimes, in the form of atonement for supporting the wrong thing, one has to bear the loss.

The shopkeeper has to suffer the result of such karma.

Two years ago, he had mixed yes in his inappropriate talk by calling me an unfamiliar and a hairdresser as his acquaintance. On the same day, I decided that sooner or later the shopkeeper will have to repay this loan.

Today he has fed a lot of sweets to his nephew as atonement for him.


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